'Saints Row IV' may be the best super hero game you ever played

‘Saints Row IV’ May Be The Best Super Hero Game You Ever Played

Saints Row IV may be the best super hero game you will ever play.

An editor from another online publication got the chance to sit down with a demo of Saints Row IV and wreak unholy havoc as the newly elected President of the United States that George W. Bush probably wanted to be. This President does what he wants, and nothing stops him from breaking a law or two, including gravity and decency.

Saints Row IV follows the new President in an over the top scenario where aliens have taken over the world and plugged everybody in to a crazy version of the Matrix in an attempt to brainwash us. Yes, Saints Row has left the urban gang wars behind and gone all-out insane. In this computer simulation of Steelport, you’re given super powers and must fight to level them up, so you don’t start out completely over-powered with no challenge ahead of you.

From the get-go in Saints Row IV, you go about your usual Presidential duties, says Hamza Aziz of Destructoid, including feeding your pet tiger, choosing whether to end world hunger or cure cancer, and punching your Vice President in the nards. How many super hero games have you doing that?

You are surrounded by people you trust, including your companions from the previous game. Shaundi, Kinzie, Pierce, Oleg, plus a bunch of others round out the cast of supporters of your Presidency.

The super powers you pick up in the aliens’ simulation of Steelport are a result of you being the guy in charge of everything. Don’t try to think about it too much, or the lack of common sense will leave you speechless. Your powers as a super hero include jumping super high, gliding, wall running, super strength, super speed, ice blasts, fire throwing, lightning attacks, and so on. Along the way you upgrade your powers and become that guy nobody wants to mess with.

And if the first battle with the alien Zen leader is any indication, you’ll need those powers.

What do you think about Saints Row IV? Could it be the best super hero game you ever played?