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Kelly Clarkson Locates Missing Engagement Ring

Kelly Clarkson has reportedly found his missing engagement ring.

For those who had lost sleep wondering when and if the American Idol winner had located the missing bauble, you can now rest easy. It turns out Clarkson had simply misplaced the ring, a problem which seems to have been solved.

“For all of the concerned fans I found my rings!” the singer tweeted shortly after her appearance at the CMA Music Festival on Saturday in Nashville on Sunday.

Kelly Clarkson was understandably concerned about the missing engagement ring. Although it was certainly stressful in the moment, the singer is seemingly able to laugh off the incident now that the jewelry has been located.

“Seriously, panicked in my head all night long. So did Brandon,” she wrote.

The singer realized that she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring while performing the song “Stronger” at the festival over the weekend. After noticing the missing bauble, she apologized to her fiance from the stage. Thankfully, Clarkson can now put this behind her and focus on the upcoming wedding.

Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson are scheduled to enter the world of wedded bliss on October 20.

The singer debuted the new marriage-oriented tune “Tie It Up” at the CMA Music Festival on Sunday. She previously debuted the cover art for the new song on Instagram. It’s currently unknown if the single is from an upcoming album or simply a one-off effort to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

“I’ve been nervous all day because I wanted to be good for you!” she told the audience.

Clarkson mentioned earlier this year that she has two albums in the works. One is a Christmas collection that’s expected to drop in time for the holiday season. The other isn’t slated to hit retail shelves until sometime next year.

Are you happy Kelly Clarkson managed to locate her missing engagement ring?

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