Second Shooting Near Santa Monica Campus Leaves Two In Hospital

Second Shooting Near Santa Monica Campus

A gunman open fired on two men near the Santa Monica College campus Tuesday, sending both to the hospital.

Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis, acting as department spokesman, said that the victims were both in their 20s and their current condition is unknown but that both had experienced multiple gunshot wounds.

The shooting was reported shortly after 8 am Tuesday morning. Police responded promptly, but, by the time they had arrived, the suspect had already fled.

Witness accounts place the shooting in an alley off of Michigan Avenue. There an armed man approached the two victims, opening fire multiple times. He then retreated to a nearby parked vehicle and fled the scene.

This shooting comes days after a violent mass shooting which took place in and around the Santa Monica College campus last Friday.

Identified as John Zawahri, the gunman was shot and killed by police after leaving a wake of bullet ridden vehicles and bodies as he made his way to the college campus, eventually claiming five lives total and injuring several others.

Police and college officials have not been reported to have initiated a lock down of the Santa Monica College campus. Santa Monica area schools have also been alerted but have not been advised to close or lock down classrooms.

Authorities do not believe Tuesday’s shooting is connected to Friday’s incident. Sources say that investigators are determining whether this shooting is related to another incident from the past weekend, however.

Sunday a cyclist was shot and injured near the burnt out home of gunman Zawahri. Police believe the incident may have been related to gang activity.

As the Santa Monica community continues to grapple with the horror of last Friday’s rampage, these recent shootings continue to challenge the healing process and a return to day to day life.

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