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Dog Pushes Man In Wheelchair Through A Flood [Video]

Dog Pushes Wheelchair

A dog, a wheelchair, and a flood — what do those things have in common? Perhaps one of the most touching viral videos of 2013.

The footage of a dog pushing its wheelchair bound owner through a flood surfaced this week on YouTube, and viewers are eating it up.

The video was published in Russian with the title “Собака помогает хозяину-инвалиду. “A quick Google translation gives us the title “Dog helps a disabled owner.”

The new viral hit was published by YouTube video user kitrox2 on June 8, 2013, and it has already received more than 60,000 views.

Our team at The Inquisitr are no strangers to faked videos; in fact, we love to share those clips because they are often more inventive then the real clips we find on YouTube and other video sharing services.

Here’s the videos of the dog pushing its owners wheelchair through a flooded neighborhood. Give the viral video hit a quick view and let us know if you think this is a real video:

So what says you IQ readers? Is this a real video with a touching story or a faked video from an inventive YouTube poster?

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7 Responses to “Dog Pushes Man In Wheelchair Through A Flood [Video]”

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  2. Heath Walters

    stop posting bullshit, this is a scam people cause if it was real everyone would do it.

  3. Fay Thacker

    So your friends sister in law makes 74 bucks an hour,,,how much you make posting this crap on every topic on here,

  4. Sara Brines

    Fake! The people in the car drove past w/o offering help, someone walked past w/o offering help and the man in the wheelchair didn't ask anyone for help.

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