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JFK Airport Guards Caught Dozing On The Job

JFK Airport Guards Caught Dozing On The Job

JFK airport guards dozing off while on duty have been caught on camera, part of what a former security supervisor said is an epidemic of lax security at the New York’s busiest airport.

Stephen Jackson, a former manager for FJC Security, which employs about 300 security guards at JFK Airport, said it was actually surprisingly common to see JFK guards dozing.

“It was a regular occurrence finding the guards sleeping,” said Jackson, a retired Marine who became security-guard supervisor at JFK in December. He was fired in May for what he calls a “campaign of harassment” against his whistleblowing and his Hispanic race.

One of the sleeping guards led to an embarrassing incident last year. Jackson said 68-year-old Suhas Harite fell asleep twice while assigned to a remote post near Jamaica Bay. In August a jet skier who became stranded breached a 6-foot-tall fence built as part of the New York Port Authority’s $100 million Perimeter Intrusion Detection System.

The jet skier managed to walk across two runways undetected.

In a video Jackson took last year, a man identified as Harite is seen sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle while on duty.

“Come on, buddy. Wake up!” Jackson can be heard saying as he repeatedly honked his horn.

The JFK guards dozing are not the only black eye for security at the airport. Earlier this year TSA agents detained and questioned a man who described his sandwich as “the bomb.”

Jason Michael Cruz said he was waiting to catch a flight at JFK and was receiving the TSA patdown when he told a friend that a certain deli in Astoria made a 12-inch sandwich called “The Bomb.”

Both men were detained at a checkpoint and ultimately missed their flight.

“The TSA clerk probably got a merit badge for her quick thinking in reporting the Scary Terroristy Threat to a supervisor, and that supervisor probably got promoted. Meanwhile, Cruz missed his flight,” said an announcement on the TSA news blog.

What do you think should happen to the JFK guards dozing on the job?

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35 Responses to “JFK Airport Guards Caught Dozing On The Job”

  1. Anonymous

    Turn them over to Homeland Security and prosecute them.

  2. Anne K. Smith

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  3. Barnie Tolstad

    They ( alot) treat you like shit when go thru the lines, like they are some big FBI agents. Can't they just do their jobs the way they are intended? Act respectful to the passengers? I had a heavy red-headed girl in Anchorage, Alaska, treat me in the rudest manner. If I and the rest of the passengers weren't there, I wonder where she would be working?

  4. Barnie Tolstad

    I work as a pharmacist at a large chain. One night we had a pharmacist who feel asleep at the front counter after.
    working 16 hours, she was immediately fired. No talk, no reasons, fired, period.

  5. Pat Bowers

    Why show a picture of TSA when it was a private security guard? Bad reporting.

  6. Jack Levin

    For a minute I thought they were going to talk about Secret Service guards who were napping when JFK was murdered by Nixon's buddies.

  7. Anonymous

    typical New York— unions….demand more pay and then the dudes sleep. greed and fraud in the Big Easy.

  8. Anonymous

    Any and every ticket carrying passenger has the right to feel secure while traveling. Cell phones as well as cameras are now in abundance use them. Take pictures and in what ever way possible publish them via newspapers or Television Stations. Furthermore, demand that that security agency have it's contract yanked. If you really want a taste of malfeasance observe the operation of Guardsmark Security.

  9. Anonymous

    Jack Levin your comment is so lame and based on unfounded speculation people are wondering if you could find your rear end with both hands tied behind you.

  10. Anonymous

    On 9/27 /12 ABC news caught a TSA official stealing an I-pad from luggage.
    And couple months ago 16 million in gold was stolen in a secure area from a jet.
    Are you ready to Repeal the "Patriot Act" yet?

  11. James Saladino

    This article and the majority of the blogs is indicative of ignorance in the job itself and in the lack of supervisory skills of the whistleblower. As a deputy canine officer and medic I am well aware of the ease in which someone who is stationary during a long shift without coffee can become drowsy. The parent company in this article wished the supervisor to keep his staff awake and alert. Instead he was spending time behaving as a narc, filming their actions. Instead he should have been offering them coffee breaks and telling them to get out of their vehicles into the cool air and move around.He was not a team player. Instead he wished to see them punished.. He should have done as his bosses needed him to. People are not robots. People have lives and do get sleepy. When a coworker is supposed to be awake, make it so as the same can happen to you. If the problem happens repeatedly, then the supervisor should recommend a change in sites, etc. Unfortunately many bosses in this career field are (under the age of 45) who know only how to punish and not reward.

  12. Linda Barber Roach

    To Jack Levin: I thought the very same thing!

  13. James Saladino

    Any security position that demands absolute alertness must have a minimum of two officers in the same area. One of the reasons is to assure that at least one set of eyes catches the action. If there are not at least two, then the position is for other than real security (Insurance reasons, etc.)

  14. Anonymous

    That's ''their" before you jacka**es have something to say.

  15. Ruth Johnson

    Seems nobody cares that they are sleeping so why not go all the way and give them a time out room with a cot.

  16. Keith P. DeWeese

    What's so "lame" parkerowen1? The way Jack Levin read the headline is how a lot of people read it because JFK was a U.S. president first before the airport was named for him. If the headline had read "JFK Airport Guards Caught Napping" your snide, piggish comment would have been somewhat warranted. You're an cretin, parkerowen1.

  17. Keith P. DeWeese

    FYI–almost all headlines for this story–including Yahoo!'s–read, "JFK guards caught dozing" or some variation on that. The Inquisitr is one of the few that gets it right.

  18. John David Peters

    they should be repromanded the first offence and terminated on the second.

  19. Anonymous

    What if the second offense somebody walks by them with a bomb or gun or knife, and kills people. Sorry but there should not be second chances with that job.

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