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Vigilante Attack: Father, Teenage Daughter On Trial For Assaulting Rape Suspect

Vigilante Attack: Father, Teenage Daughter On Trial For Assaulting Rape Suspect

A vigilante attack on a rape suspect will mean a trial for a father and his teenage daughter in California.

The pair, along with a friend of the teenage girl, will face attempted murder and mayhem charges after they allegedly lured a 21-year-old man to a park and beat him with a baseball bat.

Police said 21-year-old Esteban Cruz was lured to a park in Temecula, California, by the 16-year-old girl. She had told her father and a friend, 20-year-old Andre Edwin Dickerson, that Cruz had raped her after she passed out drunk in his bed in November.

When Cruz arrived to the park, Dickerson beat him with a baseball bat in a vigilante attack while the father and daughter watched. Cruz suffered skull fractures, broken bones, a lung injury, and lost teeth in the attack.

The girl’s attorney, David Grande, tried to paint Cruz as a predator out for young girls. Grande showed a text message from Cruz asking the girl to drink, smoke marijuana, and have sex with him. When the girl asked why he wanted to have sex with a 16-year-old, Cruz reportedly replied, “It’s the thing I do.”

After the girl’s charges came to light, police investigated Cruz and in May he was charged with sodomy with a minor. He is currently in jail on $50,000 bail.

After pleading not guilty to the vigilante attack in California, the trio were ordered to stand trial.

“Obviously, vigilante justice isn’t a defense to a criminal charge,” said Judge Michael Rushton.

This is not the only vigilante attack in the news this week. In Bolivia a suspect accused of raping a murdering a girl was attacked and buried alive at the 17-year-old victim’s funeral. This manner of vigilante attacks have become common in Bolivia in indigenous areas to the point that Evo Morales, the country’s first indigenous president, signed a law extending institutional recognition of “indigenous justice.”

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70 Responses to “Vigilante Attack: Father, Teenage Daughter On Trial For Assaulting Rape Suspect”

  1. Mark Bressie

    In the lawless days of the American frontier vigilante justice was the only way. If people trusted the judicial system more they would be less likely to use vigilantism. Personally I like the idea of dealing with a low life effectively. If he is a rapist make sure he cant physically do that again.

  2. Mark Mencer

    Wow. Interesting story. Not really sure where I come down on this issue. I certainly feel for the girl and her father as they were the real victims. Our penal system has gotten too soft with criminals. Who knows, maybe word will get around the community and rapes will lessen?

  3. Samuel Lock

    I approve of vigilante justice when proven. If it was my family, ya damn right I'm going to war about it.

    Good job family for kicking ass!

  4. Buce McLaughlin

    I say ALLOW vigilantism. Cops and the courts are failing us. You want to rape women of all ages? Get ready to be hunted down and get the shit beaten out of you, or WORSE!

  5. Gary Lacey

    Tragically we have the lying MSM reporting a story and their really isn't enough info.
    I fear that judgement will be far more sever on the vigilantes.

  6. Michael Phelps

    I would do the same thing. Put me on the jury I can honestly say the guy would not get convicted.

  7. John Corbin

    Now a days the way the judicial system is being run you need a little frontier justice. If it was my daughter the piece of crap would not be around.

  8. David Hewes

    Dead men tell no tales…. should have been a little more handy with the bat, dad. Seriously, congratulations to the family… justice served!

  9. JThaddeus Toad

    The process empowers the accused with more rights than the victim …. If we were governed by the spirit of the law instead of this nonsensical legalistic system that creates a need for lawyers whose greed is sickening and judges whose arrogance defies reason…. The spirit of law abiding citizens is dictated by vigalante justice…

  10. Steve Blair

    I can understand the charges if they lured him to the beating, however, and I've always told my wife this, if anyone ever did anything to my family (wife and kids), they'd never see the inside of a courtroom. And no jury would convict me either, since half of them would be defense picks, and they would have kids that were the same ages as mine.

  11. Jeff Grippo

    life's a bitch and then you beat one, if it was my daughter, I'd dig a DEEP HOLE and that would be that.

  12. Constance Alsip

    Our justice system is broken, that I'll grant you. I have no idea how she can say rape when she went after hearing his text, why she drank to the point of oblivion, or if she ever said NO. I wouldn't blame the dad for smacking the perp down, but damn near killing him is wrong, too. I'll be real interested in finding out how this case is decided.

  13. Vikram Chaudhuri

    this dude was doing it wrong you don't directly attack people you hire they Aryan Brotherhood to take them out in prison.

  14. Joe Alleva

    How did this 16 year old girl wind up drunk and passed out in this guys bed? Did she know what she was doing? did he force her to drink the alcohol? Trouble w/ this kind of justice…

  15. Aaron Garner

    I have heard many times the Police sit by idle when the criminals are @ work.When the victims defend themselves then the worthless Police decide to get hard on the victim! and the criminal(s) run free.I have zero respect for Police, NONE! I don't like trouble but when my family and I are in danger well I do what I need to to defend us.Basically doing the job of Police.When they try to get hard on me well guess what? I'll do what I have to then too! Screw the laws, courts, Police, ect.Arm yourself to the teeth and defend yourselves.

  16. Anonymous

    First, that girl should have had her ass whipped by her father for going to see that guy. Not blaming the victim, but for cripesake, these brainless girls are still taking the bait despite the DOZENS of stories in the news. Second, how could they be ABSOLUTELY SURE they got the right guy? Imagine if YOU were the man some girl accused of rape. Who is Daddy Redneck and brother Bubba going to believe?

  17. Michael Fedorchuk

    This form of retribution is very satisfying, and it is often more just than what the legal system provides, whatever country it takes place in. But you've got to be sure of guilt, 100%. Otherwise, it only causes more pain and breeds a cycle of revenge that cannot be satisfied. I think that determining the certainty of guilt is the reason for the courts – not that they get it right all the time. But if I'm on that jury, they're getting a pass from me.

  18. Anonymous

    He knew the girl was way under age, knew she way way drunk…he's a predator "it's what i do" admitted it himself.What more do you need blood dripping off his cock?

  19. Anonymous

    Considering how much women lie about rape, I hope they lock these vigilante up for a long time to set an example. if a rape did happen let the due process take it's course.

  20. Craig Grant

    You can make all the laws you want ,rape is about power and control. Most murders are about hate and mental issues. Nearly all those who commit rape or murder do not think about the outcome.You could write laws that give automatic death sentences for rape and all murder and it will stop no one. Texas kills murders all the time and it does nothing to slow murder down. With vigilanties where is the line drawn. Rape and murder this week and next week neighbors are killing each other over the dog p.i.s.s.i.n.g in their yard.Lets also mention girls lie some times. My daughter went to school with a few boys that their ex girlfriends accused them of raping them when in fact they didn't. What I found out talking with guys I worked with was this is a trend throughout schools all over. So when they have a trial and it's found out the girl lied should we beat her on the street?

  21. David Ashby

    wait. the rapist, the one who caused all this to begin with, only has a $50,000 bail while the others were set at 1 million a piece? Oh, our justice system seems so fair. No wonder the victims decided to take things in their own hands.

  22. Zoe Zanzabar

    If the the assaulted man was indeed guilty, then I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for him. He deserved worse, in fact. The judicial is a friggin' joke which allows the criminals and predators more protection and rights than their victims. I applaud the father for doing what many feel is right and just.

  23. John Cannon

    If a female is drunk & in bed with a 21 yr. old male, let's be real here folks. What do you think is going to happen?

  24. Sugar Cane

    If somebody raped my child, I'd get 'em, too. If enough of these people were made an example, I have no doubt that there would be fewer rapes.

  25. Julieann Helsel

    I bet the rapist won't do that again! Good for the vigilante! We know the "justice system" will just slap his hands. THERE NEEDS TO BE A CONSEQUENCE FOR ACTIONS. The beating in this case fit the crime! Justice served. I would have shot the bastard.

  26. Chris Boetker

    Why would you let someone with a bat even hit you? Attack this guy with whatever means necessary. Attack and evade. DOD and DOJ employees are taught tactics like this so a guy/gal with a bat because a minor threat. 😉 Cruz should have been in jail anyway for what he did, if its true. Why let scum out?

  27. Gary Norton

    I read an article about the Bolivia incident yesterday, and in the article, it reads "No one can say whether he escaped the grave or not." Made me lol.

  28. Gary Norton

    Craig Grant I'd say yeah, a good ten lashes would slow down this trend of crying wolf, If she is found to be lying.

  29. Jonathan Pierce

    So the girl received a text message asking from him asking her to drink, smoke, and have sex with him, and she still ended up going over there to his place and passing out in his bed? While what Cruz did is incredibly deplorable, she should not have gone over to see him, she should have told her father in the first place.

  30. John Hodgkins

    They should get a reward and citation for excellence.

  31. Richard Bertlin

    gary norton not in montana, example one person was convicted of murder with no body, he later led them to another body for an exchange from execution for life imprisonment

  32. Ricky Mikloski

    attempted murder….if it was my daughter charge would be M U R D E R…I would shoot him..drag him thru water..hang him in case hes faking being dead…then stone him…big huge bolders…then leave him in a swap for the gators….snakes… n everything else…..and finally burn what's left of that low life s c u m bag no good s o b.

  33. Angela B-p

    Sorry no sympathy for the victim of the beating! Justice has been served! He will get a slap on the wrist and the girl will have been permanently scarred for life. He will recover and perhaps do this again. Once a rapist, always a rapist!
    Justice for the father and daughter.

  34. Patrick Paes

    Did you hit for the cycle, I sure hope so , These nitwits don't know how much of a problems that they cause these girls I won't list them , I just say that the end -result could be death @there own hands , sometimes , not right , maybe months , maybe years , from such an ordeal as this , so if you don't mind , I will turn my head , and never to utter a word.

  35. Anonymous

    love it need more rough justice in this society.

  36. Richard Dimery

    According to the story, if true, the victim and her father bear some culpability in this case. The girl, for being in and passing out in the guy's bed, the dad for raising such a daughter and apparently holding her blameless for the consequences.

  37. David Brown

    Graig; You may be correct in your arguments, but I see another aspect of these matters. If a convicted of these types of crimes, if that person is put to death, he/she is no longer a threat to society and society does not have to support that person for his remaining life. Sort of like three strikes and your out! Get their genes out of the pool! So many criminals are just that criminals, that's what they do for a living and will/can not change! As a people I don't think we should support them any longer.

  38. Constance Alsip

    Of course not, I'd like to see him prosecuted. However, I also know our "Just Us" system will portray her as a rotten human being. Sad commentary on our times

  39. Brian Burleson

    Getting doped-up, drunk and passing out in the bed of a 20-year-old thug. What other possible outcome could she have expected?

  40. Richard Dimery

    Not only was she in the wrong place, but she is the only witness to the alleged rape. Is the father so naïve as to not believe in the possibility that she might have led the rapist on at some point? He apparently committed attempted murder only on his daughter's say so.

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