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Anonymous Hacker Who Outed Steubenville Rapists Facing Longer Jail Time Than Actual Rapists

Deric Lostutter hacker

Deric Lostutter, the hacker who exposed the Steubenville rapists, may end up facing more jail time than the rapists themselves.

In the Steubenville rape case, Deric Lostutter was the hacker who lead the Anonymous Op that exposed the suspects’ tweets, videos and Instagram photos that revealed them bragging about the incident, which ended up being crucial pieces of evidence in the case against them.

As a “thank you,” Lostutter could face up to 10 years behind bars for his connections to the Internet hactivist collective known as Anonymous.

Mother Jones reports that the FBI quietly raided Lostutter’s home over his connection to the Steubenville rape case. Known as “KYAnonymous” online, Lostutter spoke about the raid, his true identity and his motives for the first time in an exclusive interview.

“The goal of the media interviews is to get the entire nation to say ‘f*ck you’ to these guys,” he said.

Among the items collected in the FBI raid were Lostutter’s computers and XBox.

The 26-year-old corporate cybersecurity consultant arguably deserves the credit for exposing the Steubenville rape case to the nation, after he obtained and published tweets and Instagram photos showing students joking about the rape of a 16-year-old girl and belittling her. They were convicted in March.

Lostutter didn’t get involved in the case until he was contacted on Twitter by Michelle McKee, a friend of an Ohio blogger who sent him the tweets and Instagram photos.

“I was always raised to stick up for people who are getting bullied,” he said of choosing to publish the incriminating evidence.

Lostutter says that he wasn’t involved in any sort of hacking, having simply published freely-available information from social media accounts given to him. Another Anonymous hacker took credit for hacking the team’s Facebook page.

Whether or not he actually did anything illegal, Lostutter was investigated primarily for his ties to the hacker group, though he believes that Steubenville authorities organized the raid.

“They want to make an example of me, saying, ‘You don’t f*cking come after us. Don’t question us.”

Steubenville officials have been questioned by other media publications that speculate a cover-up was involved.

If he’s convicted, Lostutter could face up to 10 years behind bars, far more than the one- and two-year sentences handed down to the Steubenville rapists. He’s currently collecting donations for his defense here, and other Anonymous hackers are spreading the word on Twitter with hashtags like #opFreeKY and #SupportKY.

Regardless of his legal troubles, Lostutter has no regrets. “I’d do it again,” he said.

What do you think should happen to Deric Lostutter, the hacker who exposed the Steubenville rape case? You might have negative opinions about Anonymous, but would we have ever known about this case if it weren’t for Lostutter? Should he really receive a longer sentence than the rapists themselves? Sound off!

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57 Responses to “Anonymous Hacker Who Outed Steubenville Rapists Facing Longer Jail Time Than Actual Rapists”

  1. Marty Mowdy

    He should have been given a reward… Big Brother is acting insane again…

  2. Candice Marie Harway

    wtf? this is insane… I have seen anonymous in action and people see hackers as a bad thing… theyre not hacking your accounts and taking your money theyre using their skills to do things like this… expose rapists… how about what they did to westboro baptist church… that church is disgusting and they hacked them and their stuff to keep them busy and to keep them away from funerals and from protesting innocent childrens deaths! stop punishing the people trying to help!

  3. Overide Silex

    Simple in my book, I don't think hacking should be a crime regardles of how you care to think of it. You don't want the posibility of something being public or seen by another DO NOT CONNECT THE DEVICE WITH IT ON IT TO A MODEM OR INTERNET EVER ANYTIME EVER….

    INTERNET is public ground you can try to protect against a stubbed toe… but if it happens you just have to move on. SIMPLE

  4. Richard Mabry

    I challenge anyone to show me (not tell me) a legal justification for the evil actions of the FBI thugs against Deric Lostutter.

  5. Dawn Ewing Kent

    Another perfect example of how twisted the American justice system has become. A hacke is in more trouble than a rapist who should be shot in public for his crime??? Pathetic! And we wonder why our nation is hated by others??? Hmmmmm

  6. Julie Mayes Russell

    So…..the American justice system gives RAPISTS 1 and 2 year sentences and the wants to put the guy that EXPOSED them behind bars for 10 years? INSANITY at it's best.

  7. Scot Guertin

    Justice is not just for the government to hand down. They seem to think that they are the only ones that should be handing down judgement. Well that seems to be working real well. the people are waking up and there is a a storm on the horizon.

  8. Karen Shore

    You have got to be kidding!! That is absolutely ridiculous and another example of a screwed up judicial system!!! He deserves a medal, not jail time !!!!

  9. Pete Attardo

    Another reason to lament the passing of the title – the greatest country in the world. We sadly are no longer but could be yet again if we stop this kind of madness.

  10. Susie Grieve Mullins

    He deserves a medal !!! the ones who tried to cover it up and the rapists deserve a long prison sentence it's as simple as that !!!

  11. Duanelle Hook

    The boys that raped the girl should have gotten life. This man should get a reward for finding the guilty parties. He's being punished for showing up the police. They should hire him to investigate for them. He is a hero.

  12. Martha L Glowacki

    Pfft.. And The Cops wonder why No One wants to Talk to them about Crimes…. You help them out.. and YOUR The Guilty one….. This guy should get an award!

  13. Matt Rudd

    You people are stupid. Hacking is a crime and he did this and will stay in jail for a long time and he fail :)

  14. Dawn Myst

    I don't normally comment but, If it wasn't for this man the rapists would have gotten away with their crime. I don't think they should be trying to prosecute him at all especially not with a potential higher sentence than the rapists got. Just my 2c worth.

  15. Anita Garcia

    He was raised to help others against bullying. Well, the goverment and the FBI or what have you are becoming the biggest bullies of all. Anonymous are modern day heroes. If he does get jail time, I'll be out there protesting until they let him free.

  16. Amelia Sivadon

    Anonymous = Real World Super Heroes – Vigilantes fighting for justice. They are using their super brain power hacking skills for good… as long as they continue to do it for the justice of those who cannot or are afraid to stand up, then I will support them all the way.

  17. H Hunter Bond

    The idea of America is dead. We live in a Corporate run government ruled not by democracy but by greed. The biggest criminals are no longer the murderers, rapist, or pedophiles; but are those that threaten the system and the order that enslaves us.

  18. Michele Perry

    This is bullshit! He exposes rapists and HE'S in trouble? I don't care HOW he got this info, he did the right thing telling the world about the scum that raped that girl! This is one example of why this country is going to shit!

  19. Kenny Rogers

    The reason the Government is going all out on the Hackers involved in this is simple. They themselves don't want to end up like the Ass Hats that raped that girl. Having all their personal info, Emails, FB posts posted for the world to see. But yet our Government does this on a daily basis themselves. They are not exactly wearing a white hat now a days. I do hope our Government knows that this action they are taken will just make more hackers appear. For the life of me I can not understand why politicians do stuff like this. We all know it's wrong, they know it's wrong but they still claim they are not doing anything wrong. Such arrogance. And now since I said something I am sure they will investigate me. Go ahead. I am too old and tired to worry about it any ways.

  20. Michael Adnah

    But if he had worked for say…… the president and his actions had caused the deaths of an ambassador and his security detachment that would have been just fine……..

  21. Elaine Murray

    Just another show of how lacking our government is in any kind of common sense! This man needs to be thanked and let go!

  22. Elaine Murray

    Just another show of how lacking our government is in any kind of common sense! This man needs to be thanked and let go!

  23. Diana Ellis

    The way this world is going, I'm surprised the girl that got raped isn't trying to sue him for exposing what happened….give it time, though.

  24. Tim Bean

    Just goes to show, no good deed goes unpunished, in the eyes of big brother.

  25. John Natoli

    I really hope there is a massive anonymous retaliation over this.

  26. Samantha McMillan

    Wasting taxpayer money and multiple resources that could actually be going toward fighting real crimes in order to prosecute things like this? Ridiculous, disgusting and disturbing. :(

  27. Brock Harrison

    He should be honored by the local community

  28. Erica Passley

    No charges should be brought against him she should be given a medal the women involved are grateful to him

  29. Anonymous

    I disagree, he was a vigilante and don't forget rape is one of those crimes where it's one person's word against another. It's not like a homicide which is obvious or theft(prove you owned it etc). Considering that in America 40% of rape claims are false no one should jump the gun just because a woman makes a claim. Duke LaCrosse,Jaime Leigh Jones, Brian Banks(guy served 5 years over a lie).

  30. Daniel Darncat Coate

    asshole, thats why he found the PROOF!!! you arer a complete moron and you have been effortlessly debunked! go to hell fuckhead!

  31. Daniel Darncat Coate

    Plain and simple- it is time to replace the crooked cops who terrorize us with the populace who protects itself. Go Anonymous!

    In the past few months here in Ohio, we've had anonymous catch these rapists who the government tried to protect and cover up for {and you all saw this to be true); we had Jeremy Hammond's info catching a corrupt judge in PA who was SELLING MINORS TO PRISONS {while the for profit prison officials involved are yet to face charges); and a concerned citizen catch the kidnapping rapist scum who the Cleveland police blatantly disregarded catching for 10 years. In this time period, who have the cops caught? No one {discounting the two innocent victims they killed, while riddling their car with 150 bullets)! All they are doing is trying to imprison the people who are actually fighting for justice!

    People, its time to realize the police are NOT paid to protect us. They are paid to keep us in line. Now I can not say for 100% sure that they are protecting these killers and rapists {although it sure looks like they are), but I can say for 100% sure that they would rather justice go unserved than to see it served by real citizens like you and me. This case is proof of that, and there are many others…

    Plain and simple, it is time to replace the corrupt cops and the crooked system they protect- with US!

  32. Daniel Darncat Coate

    Deric Lostutter is a HERO! Let the true voice of America be heard!!!

  33. Robert Davis

    REALLY PEOPLE???? Kaitlyn Hunt has 300,000 followers and the Deric Lostutter FB Open Group only has 178????
    First Bradley Manning then Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz!
    Which one of us will be next???
    The Democratic people of the world revoke your authority to arrest and prosecute Deric Lostutter and Kaitlyn Hunt.
    Daniel, How do I post and comment in this group?
    signed USA51 Puerto Rico

  34. Ellie Ashworth

    In America, only around 3% of rape cases are false. In fact, false rape accusations are less common than false carjacking accusations.
    Not to mention the Steubenville rapists took a load of photos that clearly showed the girl was unconscious and they were abusing her.

  35. Peter Medellin

    The local community would never do that. they were totally on the side of the boys prosecuted for raping that girl. They were "star athletes" with "bright futures". That community is a bunch of people who have their morals mixed up, if you ask me.

  36. Marlyn Serrano

    If 40% of rape claims are anonymous, we might as well say that 40% of murder cases didn't actually happen. See, we can all say retarded shit. Real men aren't retarded tho. I guess you're not a real man.

  37. Marlyn Serrano

    If you're too poor to donate, please take some time and sign a petition and get other people to sign. If you want change in this world, then please help us change it!
    Here is a small list of petitions:

  38. Bob Palmer

    Written confessions on social media by the boys involved is hardly "one person's word against another's". This was completely obvious, because as mentioned before, the boys confessed to the world on social media.

  39. Chris Squire

    John Carb Idiot. That girl didn't even know what happened to make a claim. She didn't have to. These shitbags posted their own confessions via social media and their own bravado. What kind of cowardly, heartless robot are you to say such things? Where is your moral fiber?

  40. Rus'sel Sampson

    You are completely out of your mind, John Crab (I mean Carb)! I'm not sure where you obtain your information, but you sound like an LEO yourself. The false report rates in rape are much lower and only ESTIMATED between 1-3%. There is no such accurate number and because investigations are handled so incompetently, who knows how many crimes are dubbed "false reports." You clearly have never experienced a rape exam (my guess is a perpetrator swab)! You have never endured living in a small town and being ridiculed after being completely traumatized. There is a term for it, it's called secondary wounding. It keeps many victims from reporting. Rape is not merely a circumstantial crime, or perpetrators would be prosecuted (that is if those in power weren't so entitled to public protection). Enjoy your world of male privilege, but don't expect to mindlessly scrutinize victims without some form of backlash. Do your research next time!

  41. Lattie King

    John Carb Um, he was sent tweets, videos and Instagram photos that revealed them bragging about the incident. Truly, no one should be this stupid so all I can do is suggest to you that you try taking reading comprehension 101.

  42. Lattie King

    I think that if you hack someone for nefarious purposes or just snooping around in innocent people's lives that it should be a crime, but, when you use it to expose criminals, then it becomes another story.

  43. Lattie King

    Why do you people have to bring this nonsense to EVERY story. There is a place for everything, and, after a zillion hearings conducted by your side with no evidence of any wrongdoing, one would think you would give it up. Kindly save it for a political page because we are SICK of hearing about it or the president no mattter the story. Please, give it a break as we are SICK TO DEATH of it.

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