Vitale has caused a social media laughing matter.

Dick Vitale To Eva Longoria On Twitter: ‘Your Ex Is AWESOME BABY”

Dick Vitale surely knows how to stir things up on Twitter as he responded to Eva Longoria’s NBA Finals prediction with one of the oddest numbers you will ever see on social media from a sports figure. Vitale, the well-known basketball sportscaster, sent Longoria a tweet that was meant to be a nice response, but it’s interpretation has since become a laughing matter in sports media.

The 73-year-old has regularly been viewed as one of the most vibrant sports broadcasters of all-time, but his Twitter antics after Game 1 of the NBA Finals has the nation wondering if he knows how to handle social media.

By now, the popular basketball expert has probably re-read his tweet over and over again, wondering why he didn’t word things differently. There’s no possible way he meant any harm behind it, as Vitale has always been an upstanding analyst and rarely makes critical comments about anything other than “diaper dandies.”

Eva Longoria tweeted, “Go Spurs Go! I say Spurs in 5!”

After Tony Parker’s clutch shot at the end of the game, Dick Vitale tweeted a response to the 38-year-old actress that will blow your mind and give you a few chuckles in the process.

Here’s Vitale’s over-the-top tweet to Tony Parker’s ex-wife, who probably enjoyed reading just as much as anyone else. Before you check it out, let’s not forget that Vitale lives and breathes basketball so his approach to this tweet was probably based on the game, and not meant to disrespect Longoria’s past relationship with Tony Parker.

The tweet has since been re-posted over 4,500 times and even some of ESPN’s other analysts joined in on the odd comment by Vitale. Jemele Hill, another basketball analyst, sent a basic response that pretty much sums up the entire ordeal.

No harm no foul, right? Maybe not, as Eva Longoria never responded to Vitale’s tweet, nor does she have any reason to. Do you think Dick Vitale’s tweet to Tony Parker’s ex-wife was a little over the top?

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