Botched nose job leaves patient without a nose

Man Sues Surgeon Following Botched Rhinoplasty, Wakes Without Nose

Tulsa, OK – On a vain whim, following a 2006 divorce, Vishal Thakkar, a New York transplant to Tulsa underwent what he thought was a routine rhinoplasty with a notably skilled, local plastic surgeon. Today after nearly 22 surgeries, like the Great Sphinx of Giza, Thakkar no longer has a nose and labors to breathe through a straw implanted in the middle of his face.

Following the initial surgery in 2006, Thakkar suffered breathing issues, enough to make sleeping and exercise uncomfortable. So he returned to Dr. Angelo Cuzalina. From 2006 to 2007 Thakkar endure a total of eight procedures, incurred several infections, and ultimately, in 2011, had his nose cut from his face.

Dr. Culzalina cited the reason for removing the nose was because of a present infection. However, the good doctor failed to forewarn the patient or wake Thakkar from his otherwise unconscious state on the operating table for approval.

Additionally, Thakkar had expressly requested the cartilage of his ears not be used during any of the procedures, but awoke after one to find they had, inquiring to a nurse, “What part of ‘under no circumstances, do not touch my ears, do you not understand?'” Thakkar received an apologetic email from the surgeon following that ordeal.

During another surgery, Culzalina removed cartilage from Thakkar’s rib cage, as they no longer had the ear cartilage to work with. Again, something Thakkar had not been apprised to prior to going under, and never imagined would happen.

Finally, on August 31st, 2012 Cuzalina sent Thakkar a form stating he would no longer work on him. “You are considered medically unstable, because of your ongoing threats and harassment against my staff, my practice, and me personally.”

As a result of the series of botched nose jobs that have left him deformed, Thakkar is suing Dr. Cuzalina – who, up until now, has not had a complaint filed against him with the Oklahoma Medical Board and is president of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, reports local Fox affiliate Fox23.

Thakkar has since consulted with other plastic surgeons – making it clear he does not intend to remain looking the way he does. “By the time I am able to breathe without pain and have a human-looking nose, I will have had 30 surgeries on my face thanks to Angelo Cuzalina.”

Other surgeons have indicated that Thakkar’s case is extremely unique and he will require the best in the field in hopes of remedying the deformity.

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