Jim Carrey Sells Malibu Home For $13.4 Million Two Years After Listing

Jim Carrey has finally sold his home in Malibu, California for a reported $13.4 million after listing his place for $18 million two years ago. The oceanfront property failed to bring in offers at such a high price, but the wait finally paid off for the popular actor.

According to the real estate website Zillow, the Yes Man star sold his Malibu hot-spot for $4.6 million less than his original listing, and he’s had quite the time getting it off his hands. OMG! from Yahoo! reported that Carrey took the place off the market in December of 2011 after failing to get offers and he posted it again in June of 2012 at a price of $13.95 million.

His second asking price was still too much, but he’s managed to sell the place for a reasonable profit. Carrey originally bought the house in 2002 for $9.75 million.

Owning the top-dollar oceanfront home for 11 years was probably expecting to be a great investment, but it quickly became more of a headache for the all-around comedy star. The sale became official on April 30, though it’s unknown who the new owner is at this time.

No matter who has the keys to Jim Carrey’s old place, they’re sure to have purchased a luxurious home that’s settled in one of the hottest spots in all of the West Coast, much less California. The Malibu mansion measures at 2,866 square feet and it features three bedrooms with four baths.

The house is considered quite small in comparison to most homes in Malibu, but it does have multiple decks and patios that overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s a photo of Carrey’s recently sold Malibu mansion, via Zillow.

Carrey made a small profit off the home.

Fancy enough? His neighbors included other stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, filmmaker Judd Apatow, and tennis legend John McEnroe. It’s even been noted that the one-and-only Tom Hanks used to live in the neighborhood, and the chances of another celebrity buying the home would seem pretty reasonable.

Do you believe Jim Carrey was originally asking too much for his oceanfront property in Malibu?

[Image via Tom Sorensen | House Image via Zillow]