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Talent Show Brawl Erupts In Florida, Moms Throw Down [Video]

talent show brawl

A talent show brawl in St. Cloud, Florida might have been the sort of thing that sparked local gossip for weeks to come in eras past, but, thanks to the advent of the internet era, the whole world can bear witness to parental stupidity and pettiness via YouTube.

The talent show brawl is the sort of thing we Yankees kind of associate with the south where we imagine adorably worded tiffs break out over every day mundane situations. And nothing is more mundane and seemingly not controversial than a kids’ talent show.

The talent show brawl occurred last weekend, allegedly going down at Lakeview Elementary School between purported victim Jessica Tyler and Latisha James, who Tyler claims aggressed upon her leading to the kerfuffle.

But now it seems Tyler may have been the one instigating the talent show brawl, local news sources say, indicating that Tyler called 911 to say she was “violently ambushed” by James when James refused to sit down and quit blocking her view.

Tyler told James to sit down (oh no, she didn’t!) and then claimed that James swore at her. WFTV quotes Tyler about the start of the talent show brawl:

“I walked up to the lady, I asked her just to kneel down for a second, just so I could get a picture of my niece, and she said, ‘No, I ain’t ——- sitting down.’ ”

Tyler may have shoved ahead of James at this point to get a picture, knocking James’ child over, at which point it appears the talent show brawl was on like Donkey Kong.

Tyler stepped in front of James to take a photo, and on her way back, said she accidentally bumped into James’ small child and knocked her over.

James adds:

“She said, ‘I told you to move! … Honestly, I blacked out at that point … The lady came after me and grabbed me by the throat and hit me in the face.”

James says that the talent show brawl was a matter of self-defense:

“I am very remorseful for what I’ve done, but I don’t know what else I could have done … Whatever the police report says, I grabbed her and hit her. I did that … I want all the parents and Lakeview to know that I am really, really, sorry and that’s not how I behave.”

WFTV suggests battery charges against Tyler in the talent show brawl may be recommended. Both moms have been banned from Lakeview Elementary as a result of the incident.

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51 Responses to “Talent Show Brawl Erupts In Florida, Moms Throw Down [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Lots of folks were standing. Selfish idiots. Typical fat black woman response.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm guessing you didn't see the "lady" push her child out of her way. That was no accident. You can call her what you will but clearly she did not initiate the first contact.

  3. Zakiya Uzzle-Worthey

    But the white woman who aggressively approached her….them very obviously knocked over her child on her way back…she's the innocent victim here. Get over yourselves!

  4. Stankonia Roberts

    Yes, a lot f folks were standing, so why didn't the fat white woman ask them to move as well??

  5. David Taylor

    White trash and angry black woman..two pieces of excrement squaring off.The worst of the bottom of the social barrel.

  6. Stankonia Roberts

    How is the music "appropriate"? Have you heard the lyrics to it?

  7. Tommy Lee

    The parents should never have been standing and blocking the view of the other parents. That's one issue. They were selfish and exhibiting self absorbed behavior by standing and not caring about others that couldn't see. Another huge problem is that after bumping the child the woman should have immediately helped the child and apologized profusely for possibly hurting a child while she was raging as a result of the behavior expressed by the standing blocking parent. However the entire situation was a result of the lack of responsibility and security provided by the people or organization that was holding the event. That's the kind of world we live in today. And it's all a result of people expressing selfish and self motivated behavior on a daily basis when they should be doing the opposite…as in sharing and caring and thinking of other people's feelings. They should be forgiven.

  8. Anonymous

    So why didn't the women tell the others to move, needed to pick on the lone one in the mist, she pushed a child down, had that been my child I would of the the same as well as any of you who only see color instead of right and wrong. by the way how do you know she's black she could be latino, Indian, asian, or white, blue, yellow, green, meaning It doesn't matter the color, what matters is this lady pushed a child her child.

  9. Jerry R. Blackford

    Don't think the picture was the problem she pushed her child down; touch mine and the Hospital is your next visit if I get off ya maybe the Morgue…..

  10. Casey Trombley

    odd how someone named Latisha would start a fight with her big mouth.

  11. Lupin O'Neal

    Is it any wonder why kids behave the way they do today? Idiot parents, who I would not entrust to watch a pet rock for me.

  12. Mia Suarez

    ass usual we have to see two parents acting a fool and being selfish uncouth and drama filled bitches. doesn't surprise me one bit shoving a child too. typical of trash acting like trash. and the music very positive message about taking crap… overall I would be embarrased to be seen in any of this video but sadly like I said no shock no surprise assholes teaching their kids to follow them. completely normal.

  13. Jackie Case Wagner

    Why is this NOT a surprise. The white woman only approached her because the black woman was standing up in EVERYONES way. There was no "aggressive approach" she went up and asked her to sit down, which was obviously ignored. Was a typical response from a black woman……….fight!

  14. Casey Hinebaugh

    I totally agree. That brings the whole situation to another level after that.

  15. Daniel Sims

    It looked like the other woman pushed her child down by her face. What would you do?

  16. Al Bert

    Damn, this isn't the movies…if its not thing its the other….how about having some couth and sitting your double wide assets down so everyone behind you can see. As for the others…someone should tell them to sit their assets down too!

  17. Chuck Harden Jr.

    "The talent show brawl is the sort of thing we Yankees kind of associate with the south where we imagine adorably worded tiffs break out over every day mundane situations. "
    You know what? Fu-Q for your ignorance and labeling all southerners as stupid as these two. You stupid yank-me assholes fight over sport contests and other stupid shit. You short sighted pricks. How dare you suggest that fighting over mundane stuff is associated with the south. And you wonder why we don't like you stupid Yankee asshole. You believe you are better than others. Get this, we don't want a big city like New York or Boston. Atlanta is big enough. You are a fucking moronic idiot for writing that and a bigger prick for believing it. And to Randy Schmidt, here…you are a racist pig. White trash ignorant asshole!

  18. Kathy Wyatt

    Didn't look like an accident to me , it looked like the Tyler woman reached out and knocked the child over , sorry but that woman was the one aggravating the situation let someone knock my child over in that manner. That was no accident the tape show's it. Yes the other woman could have handled it in a another way but people can only take so much. And Randy Schmidt take your racist B.S and shove it. If that was your child what would you have done?

  19. I'am Camino

    That was so stupid but stupid was hearing that ass hole who was filming (sort of) the way he goes "oh woo woo woo" that was stupid. You can't really see what happened but she pushed a child down and for that alone she deserved to get her ass kicked. You bully pick on folks your own age.

  20. Chuck Harden Jr.

    Fu-Q Kim LaCapria! Its one of your sex getting into a fight with another of your own sex. Its not a southern thing. Its a stupid bitchs like you thing. You ought to be fired for stating that you Yankee associate this stuff, with people from the south. And you miss the point. Nothing was a big problem until a child was assaulted. Then yes, I'd get in your face too, if you did that to any child. I think the entire room should've stayed seated. Down in front! But you never shove a child to the ground. You you should never associate the whole of the south, with the behavior of a few. You ought to be fired. You arrogant bitch.

  21. Anonymous

    Aaron McFadden What are you the racist police. You gotta laugh at a white person calling other whites racist.

  22. Anonymous

    Aaron McFadden What are you the racist police. You gotta laugh at a white person calling other whites racist.

  23. I'am Camino

    Those are the same kids that grow to work with adults later in life and we end up having to deal with them as unstable adults at work. How they survive in the real world is still a mystery to me. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? I just don't get it. I have to say I would of kick some ass if some one dares push my child. Your face will be kissing the fucken floor and that is a promise. Then I will call 911 on your stupid ass and tell them you better get here fast before I finish off this garbage who had the audacity to put her hands on my child.

  24. Marquese Dillinger

    Who has not been at a public function, where someone stood and obstructed your view? I see plenty of parents standing…but an adult should never take out their aggression or frustration on a child. She grabbed that baby by the head, flung her to the ground and did not look back! She SHOULD BE CHARGED with assault on a minor — the evidence is in the video; meanwhile we have a woman arrested for defending her child?

    This false-victimhood $hit has run its course — you can't be the aggressor and call the cops when you bite off more than you can chew. Ms. James did nothing but stand there when Ms. Tyler moved directly in front of her to take her picture (we see that in the video) — that act alone was provocative — and then she assaulted the kid for good measure. This brought out the racist — everything does — But Ms. James is in the right! So she told in the 911 call that she wasked her to kneel — but did not say she snobbily moved and stood directly in front of her anyway….typical white women chit.

  25. Marquese Dillinger

    Some may not know — but the ancient egyptian ntr / 'goddess' Tawert was known as the "Fearsome Mother" and her totem was the Hippopotamus, a creature known for fierce defense of its offspring. Just saying we've known for a very long time that a parent, esp a mother, rages to protect their kids.,, her response is natural.

  26. Jamie Wilson

    Completely, disagree with you. From the video, it clearly shows James blocking Tyler's view. So, of coarse, Tyler would ask the person who is blocking her view to move. It did not have anything to do with picking on a "lone woman." She did not push the child, she accidently bumped into the child. She should have helped the child up and apologized for knocking her down. But James did not have to go looking for Tyler and assaulting her. That is not self defense. The woman left so there was no immediate danger so it can not be considered self defense. And maybe the race card should be used. A black person attacked a white person. If blacks can use the race so can whites. It's not one way hand out. James knew actually what she was doing, there is no excuses for that behavior.

  27. Jamie Wilson

    Why do parents feel they have to stand in front of everyone blocking other parents. There are other people there seeing their children, too. Stop being selfish.

  28. Lucy Bargas

    that horrible woman knocked the child to the ground….she was the aggressor…..

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