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Talent Show Brawl Erupts In Florida, Moms Throw Down [Video]

A talent show brawl in St. Cloud, Florida might have been the sort of thing that sparked local gossip for weeks to come in eras past, but, thanks to the advent of the internet era, the whole world can bear witness to parental stupidity and pettiness via YouTube.

The talent show brawl is the sort of thing we Yankees kind of associate with the south where we imagine adorably worded tiffs break out over every day mundane situations. And nothing is more mundane and seemingly not controversial than a kids’ talent show.

The talent show brawl occurred last weekend, allegedly going down at Lakeview Elementary School between purported victim Jessica Tyler and Latisha James, who Tyler claims aggressed upon her leading to the kerfuffle.

But now it seems Tyler may have been the one instigating the talent show brawl, local news sources say, indicating that Tyler called 911 to say she was “violently ambushed” by James when James refused to sit down and quit blocking her view.

Tyler told James to sit down (oh no, she didn’t!) and then claimed that James swore at her. WFTV quotes Tyler about the start of the talent show brawl:

“I walked up to the lady, I asked her just to kneel down for a second, just so I could get a picture of my niece, and she said, ‘No, I ain’t ——- sitting down.’ ”

Tyler may have shoved ahead of James at this point to get a picture, knocking James’ child over, at which point it appears the talent show brawl was on like Donkey Kong.

Tyler stepped in front of James to take a photo, and on her way back, said she accidentally bumped into James’ small child and knocked her over.

James adds:

“She said, ‘I told you to move! … Honestly, I blacked out at that point … The lady came after me and grabbed me by the throat and hit me in the face.”

James says that the talent show brawl was a matter of self-defense:

“I am very remorseful for what I’ve done, but I don’t know what else I could have done … Whatever the police report says, I grabbed her and hit her. I did that … I want all the parents and Lakeview to know that I am really, really, sorry and that’s not how I behave.”

WFTV suggests battery charges against Tyler in the talent show brawl may be recommended. Both moms have been banned from Lakeview Elementary as a result of the incident.