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‘Welcome Home Cheater’ Sign Spotted In Washington

welcome home cheater

A sign reading “Welcome Home Cheater” was allegedly spotted by a Reddit user’s pals in Washington State, but, as is often the case with these enticing public embarrassment revenge stories, we only have a small bit of the tale.

Less than a small bit, in the case of the “Welcome Home Cheater” banner, neatly painted on a sheet and purportedly displayed outside the residence in an unnamed part of the Pacific Northwest state.

According to Reddit user farthoven, the “Welcome Home Cheater” sign was not even the original party taking the pic, but he or she has followed up with a specific location and some supplementary info.

Farthoven says in the first post that the sign was seen in his “navy town” of Bremerton, and that servicemen and women are indeed in the process of returning home — but the poster also notes that the gender of the cheater allegedly targeted by the “Welcome Home Cheater” sign remains in question:

“It’s a navy town and two ships just came in recently. Whoops … Edit: TIL there are a s**tload of people on Reddit who have been to Bremerton … Edit 2: Everyone assumes ‘he’ cheated. Maybe ‘she’ cheated?”

But the source or back story remains a few places away in the six degrees of “Welcome Home Cheater” game — he or she explains of the pic:

“This was taken by a woman who showed it to a barista at a coffee place who sent it to me. I’m 3rd party here. Just the first lucky redditor to come across it.”

While the original poster’s comments illuminate the tale slightly, one random user had something funnier to say about the whole “Welcome Home Cheater” thread:

“In other news, Daniel B Cheater returned home today from Afghanistan to a warm reception from friends and family.”

The thread recalls two other recent and popular Reddit cheating revenge tales — the ex-girlfriend allegedly spied on a Google Maps “in an all your s*** to the curb” walk of shame, and the viral breakup letter scavenger hunt.

Do you think the “Welcome Home Cheater” sign is legit, and if so, is it a funny way to handle infidelity?

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5 Responses to “‘Welcome Home Cheater’ Sign Spotted In Washington”

  1. Jodi Barnes

    It's legit. Although since this has gone viral…….someone has helped themselves to taking the sheet down! Probably at the request of the cheater. As far as publicity, he deserves everything he gets! Maybe that sheet will make the next person who wants to date him think twice!

  2. Sean Herman

    this was posted by the person that actually put up the banner: "well….I guess now after this whole ordeal…no guy will have the balls to cheat on me. that…or I'll be single forever. ha ha"

  3. April Chapman

    You play, you pay. Who calls their mommy to drive across many states to help with his problems, the cheater!!! What a charmer.

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