Henry Cavill Who Keeps Him Grounded and The Tonight Show

Henry Cavill News: Who Keeps Him Grounded And Appearance On ‘The Tonight Show’ [VIDEO]

The news about actor Henry Cavill are reaching feverish proportions. With his blockbuster, Man of Steel,in which he plays the title role of Superman, exactly a week away from being released, he seems to be everywhere, literally.

Even when you step away from your computer, you see him in television ads for the film or other promotions such as Gillette and RAM trucks. Walmart has partnered with Warner Bros. for this one and has merchandise with his likeness all over the store.

So how does he keep his ego from getting to his head? He credits his parents and siblings for keeping him humble and unpretentious. Mom and Dad Cavill, Marianne and Colin, and his four brothers, three of whom are much older, keep him with his head firmly on his shoulders.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Henry, who was born in Jersey in the British Channel Islands says, “My upbringing has kept me grounded. My amazing parents have always told me to remain humble and thankful for what I get.”

His parents should be very proud of him, because he comes across as a completely normal guy, well, as normal as a movie star can be. He says he likes to go home to visit his family and his brothers would not put up with any ego.

“My brothers threaten to kick my ass as soon as I’m not humble!”

Last night, the soon to be mega star, paid a visit to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show to talk about Man of Steel. He told Jay about how he did not pick up Zack Snyder’s call when he got the job offer.

He was also asked how his family reacted to him getting the part and he told the funny story about one of his nephews telling the teacher that his uncle is Superman, which of course got him in trouble until the kid’s mother clarified that he was indeed not lying about that.

It is a good thing for a celebrity to have strong family ties and in the case of Henry Cavill, his upbringing comes through loud and clear.



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