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Gay Couple Files Discrimination Suit Over Denied Wedding Cake

Colorado Cake Discrimination Complaint

A gay couple has filed a discrimination suit against a Colorado bakery, saying the company refused to make them a wedding cake for their Massachusetts wedding ceremony.

The discrimination complaint added that the owners apparently have a history of turning away same-sex couples at their bakery. The case is much like another one in Washington state earlier this year where a florist refused to provide arrangements for a same-sex marriage.

Mark Silverstein, the legal director for the ACLU in Colorado, stated that the organization filed the complaint on behalf of the couple in question. He added:

“Religious freedom is a fundamental right in America and it’s something that we champion at the ACLU … but someone’s personal religious beliefs don’t justify breaking the law by discriminating against others in the public sphere.”

But the bakery is fighting back against the so-called cake discrimination. Nicolle Martin, the attorney for Jack Phillips, one of the owners at Masterpiece Cakeshop, stated:

“We don’t believe this is a case about commerce. At its heart, this is a case about conscience. It brings it to the forefront. I just don’t think that we should heighten one person’s beliefs over and above another person’s beliefs.”

The ACLU initiated the cake discrimination claim last year on behalf of David Mullins and Charlie Craig. In response, the Colorado Attorney General’s office filed a formal complaint last week. The case’s hearing is scheduled in September before Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission.

After Philips’ refusal to bake a wedding cake for the same-sex couple, he made national news. The bakery owner commented, “We had about twice as much business as normal. There are people coming in to support us.” Philips stated that he has no qualms selling merchandise to a member of the LGBT community. However, he would not bake them a wedding cake.

Do you think the alleged cake discrimination lawsuit is needed, or was the bakery exercising its rights to refuse service?

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37 Responses to “Gay Couple Files Discrimination Suit Over Denied Wedding Cake”

  1. Angelina Gordon

    Just go somewhere else and get a cake…gheeze!

  2. James Dean Retana Varona

    if I'm denied a cake its fine no hard feelings, ill just go spend my money elsewhere. no biggie

  3. Barbara Anderson

    oh good grief, go to another bakery…this is PC nonsense run amok……………..stop trying to make everyone accept you.

  4. Anonymous

    Here is my problem with the gay agenda (any agenda for that matter, this just happens to be the story)… all the while you demand rights, you then turn around to try and deny another theirs. They have a private business, and they shouldn't be told who and who not to serve. They are right that it's a matter of conscience, and customers also have a right to exercise their conscience and shop elsewhere.

  5. Elizabeth Wiley MA JD

    I think the problem shown by many of these comments is this: If you or I go to buy a cake, and we want a rose on it and they say no roses, get lost. We go off and tell everyone not to ever shop there or ever eat their cake or buy their cake. BUT, if we are people of a minority group or race that has been killed, bullied, beaten, shunned because of who you love, or the color you are, or because you are a female, it is no longer just a simple rose. I learned this in a very great class in my Masters for Bicultural Development Specialty. A minority person calling a white person a honkie, is not the same as a white person calling a minority any abusive anything. The minority person does not have centuries of hate, abuse and disrespect behind them.

    So, I hope they win their case and everyone with a brain buys their cakes elsewhere. My Dad taught me that if someone does not like you because of some weird reason of theirs, they are just controlling and sooner or later they are going to find a reason not to like you, or you are going to spend your life trying to appease them.

  6. Christopher Strudwick

    why is it people are made into a villain if they have anti gay or anti muslim beliefs. what happened to free speech I have no problems with gays but don't like it when they pull out the discrimination card. gays want to be accepted yet fail to accept other views who go against them.

  7. Kevin Fong

    ah, why would a cake in colo. for a wedding in mass. mmm kind of went out of your way to sue and grand standing?

  8. Heather George

    thats kinda funny since if they told you "I won't create a cake for you cause you're black" you'd yell racism from the highest mountain that of course would make you a hypocrite

  9. Shady Windwalker

    Aren't both of those business primarily in business to make $$? As far as I know, LGBT folks carry money, debit cards, credit cards, etc the same as the straight folks do!
    And sorry Barleyoates, they do not have a private business, there is no select only membership, they are open for business TO THE PUBLIC… regardless of their sexual orientation. Those businesses weren't being told whom they could or couldn't serve, they're as racist/hateful as chik-fil-a is.
    Maybe all those companies that refuse to sell to someone who isn't a bigoted clone of their own closed and unaccepting minds should open a new franchise "FOR STRAIGHT, CHRISTIAN, REPUBLICAN, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, etc FOLKS ONLY"…..
    And I agree totally with you Elizabeth Wiley. I hope the couple wins the lawsuit as well.
    And for all of you putting in your two cents worth, with your anti-gay comments, anti-Muslim comments, etc would you be acting like you are right now, if it had been YOU that had been discriminated against? I don't think so….

  10. Shady Windwalker

    Barbara who works at RE-tired… there was no mention of PC-anything, except by you…. it was simply a couple trying to order their wedding cake. And just how hateful are you to spew "stop trying to make everyone accept you" How does your comment relate in any way at all to the couple who were denied a wedding cake?

  11. Bridgit Asbell Sims

    "FOR STRAIGHT, CHRISTIAN, REPUBLICAN, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, etc FOLKS ONLY"….. That sounds bigoted to me. I guess it's impossible for a Gay, Agnostic, Divorced Democrat to be bigoted at all! The fact that you default to a statement like that shows you're the bigot. EVERYONE'S beliefs should count not one over the other. Do like everyone else who has a problem with a business, take your money and your business somewhere else, I have.

  12. Vicky Garnecki Forba

    We should all have the right an freedom to do business with whomever we choose. Regardless of religious belief. If I don't want to do business with someone than I should be allowed to tell them no.

  13. Jay Bee

    Being black isn't considered an abomination. Homosexuality is… least my bible says so. What does yours say? If the bakery doesn't believe in or support same sex marriage, than they should be able to refuse service.

  14. Annie Katz

    my bible also says divorce is unacceptable… Would it be ok to not let divorced people buy a cake too?

  15. Shaw Maxine

    Good, the owner of the bakery did the right thing. I wouldn't of wanted to make a cake for them either and its good that the community is supporting them.

  16. Jacqueline Wissink

    My gosh….it's not as though there aren't hundreds of other bakeries out there…..the wants of a few versus the beliefs of many…and the few want it all their way and could care less about someone else's belief!

  17. Mel Ynclan

    We can have a class in discrimination. You are entitled to your personal beliefs and religious beliefs however, it does not entitle you to discriminate against others. A business owner can be sued and is being sued for this. I hope he feels that the fines, court costs and loss of business is well worth it. Let him continue to discriminate and we will bring suit against him again.

  18. Mel Ynclan

    Jay Bee, discrimination is discrimination. You all are entitled to your religious opinions, however it does not entitle you to discriminate again others.

  19. Claudia Henderson

    In the past I can remember seeing signs in businesses that said, "We reserve the right to do business with anyone." Wha happened to that right? I feel that a privately owned business is within their rights to refuse to bake this cake.

  20. Lesia N Cheryl Goodwin

    it is the same 40 plus years ago we were screaming no blacks at school with my white child no blacks in the restaurant where I eat no blacks no blacks no blacks now it is no gays people get over it there are gay people in this world and they have the right to have cake and ice cream just make the damn cake and get over it.

  21. Gary Lacey

    The gay community wants their "gay rights" to trump all other rights of everyone, it isn't going to happen.

  22. Florence Jean Cunningham

    this brings stupidity to an all time low. now they are complaining about a wedding cake? ok, so they could have bought it without the cake topper and went out and bought their own topper and put it on the way they wanted. what's the big deal. these groups are just looking for things to complain about and cause trouble. I believe in the old motto "we have the right to refuse service to anyone" that should be the right of all small businesses.

  23. Michelle Hurtado

    I think the "pulling of the discrimination card" was more than warranted here since they were, you know, discriminated against, openly. Maybe you'd handle being denied business because of some facet of your identity in another way, but I personally am not going to blame them for legally calling out someone who did something that was quite illegal. Why should they passively "accept" views that involve denying them business on account of their sexuality? Would you passively accept a view that denied you business on account of, let's say, being male?

  24. Johnny Harris

    an independant buisness owner has the right to refuse service to homosexuals , blacks , mexicans or any other kind of can… MONEY is what makes the world go around.

  25. Des Biggins

    They had to go to Mass to get married, dude. They live in Colorado. Try to keep up.

  26. Des Biggins

    Annie Katz actually, the bible says remarriage is a sin, not divorce. But yes!! Great point.

  27. Chris Barnard

    I think the couple should just make their own cake, they already love each others icing.

  28. Teresa Langford

    So in other words its no ok for this baker to stand on principle and belief, but the gay community can force their belief and lifestyle on people who disagree with their decision to live the lifestyle they have chosen.

  29. Teresa Langford

    wonder what would have happened if the roles were reversed……no one would give a rats ass. its time to stop coddleing these people and go on with our lives.

  30. Don Farriss

    The bakery is being discriminated against because of their beliefs…I wonder what would happen if an American tried to bring suit against an Islam restaurant because they don't serve pork? This whole thing is about the gays trying to force their lifestyle on non gays and getting the government to help them

  31. Cranberry Township-gay

    dear sir or vagina:

    whoever the judge is that gave the order forcing the cake-makers in colorado to make a cake celebrating the "blessed" union of two masculivoids who each are outcasted from men enough to look at masculinity with a jagged and dumbfounded sense of curiosity and anticipation, well, he should not be a judge. cake-makers are artists, no artist should be ordered to make any specific kind of art. that'd be like telling madonna to stop embracing the anti-christ in her concerts, to stop making a mockery of the church, to stop – let me take a quote from her 1990 world tour – "breaking every rule we can".

    madonna is an artist who is free to express herself in her art in any way that she sees fit. if a legitimate christian who knew nothing about madonna went to one of her shows (based on her very christian and very misleading name of "madonna"), could he legitimately complain to any judge about feeling slighted and discriminated against by madonna? could he have her cited for "false advertising," for using the virgin mary's name? he'd simply be told not to go to madonna's shows. well, cake-makers are also artists, why should they be mandated to create cake-art celebrating two masculivoids? if two masculivoids wanted a cake made for a heterosexual wedding, i don't believe that the cake-artists would have any problem with that. there are "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs, there are dress-codes allowing the little gender to expose their baby-feeding MOMmary glands while not allowing men to expose their chests, there are discriminatory rules everywhere. just because a "man" lacks masculine gender-identity enough to gawk at masculine bodies in utmost reverence, shouldn't mean he doesn't have to play by the rules of society.

    madonna absolutely will not compromise her artistic integrity, she actually used those words as a reason for not changing her show when she was ordered to. "i'm not changing my show…that would be compromising my artistic integrity," that's what she said in her "truth or dare" documentary about her "blond ambition" show. i don't think any artist would compromise artistic integrity – i certainly don't compromise mine in order to embrace homosexuality (or matthew shepard) at my website (, and it is the fault of pro-gay bigots like the aclu who are stifling freedom. madonna spits on conventional values with her art, she would never submit to anyone telling her what kind of art to make, so why should cake-makers be forced to submit regarding their creativity?

    pro-gay bigots are murdering the freedom that they claim to embrace. yes, madonna is a pro-gay bigot. elton john is a pro-gay bigot who is intolerant of anything that is anti-gay. the aclu is full of pro-gay bigots, the media is teeming with pro-gay bigots, society is full of pro-gay bigots who have been brainwashed by 24/7 pro-gay propaganda. isn't the company responsible for madonna's 1990 "truth or dare" even named "propaganda films"

    if the vaginas of the world are free to wear breast-baring shirts to work and men must dress respectably ("even in the summertime," taking a line from shiela e's "the glamorous life"), well, that is a form of bigotry which caters to the lesser gender. pro-woman bigots are usually on-board with pro-gay bigots, this is because feminists and gays are all a bunch of masculine wannabees who each will "neverbee" as masculine as they "wannabee". furthermore, if the much-repeated and never-justified tagline of "a woman can do anything a man can do" does not bring forth images of masculine wannabees, what does? if a "man" has a burning desire to get close and personal with a naked masculine body, if a "man" in the mens' locker room is as clueless and blind as the little boy who is always covering an eye/impairing his vision in the presence of the dancing girls in madonna's "open your heart" video, why is it so hard to comprehend gay "men" as just a bunch of masculine wannabees/neverbees?

    if the cake-artists don't want to make art celebrating a "man" who doesn't possess the masculine self-esteem to regard himself as man enough to be his one and only man, no judge has a right to tell them what kind of cake-artistry to create. if madonna doesn't want to make art in which she repents for her valueless career by truly embracing jesus christ, would she do anything but laugh in ridicule at any judge who'd order her to?

    in the immortal words of macaulay culkin, "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don't think so".

    mr. dylan terreri, i
    dr. sheldon cooper, ii
    "When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." – Madonna

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