Amanda Bynes gets advice from Snooki

Amanda Bynes Reportedly Gets Advice From Snooki

Amanda Bynes is reportedly getting advice from Snooki.

Yes, you read that right. The loud and sarcastic little ball of fire from Jersey Shore is giving advice to someone who just seems to be turning into Lindsay Lohan more and more every day. They have both been the butt of several jokes online, which makes it almost funny that one is giving the other advice.

Of course, it’s easier to see where someone needs help when you’ve been there yourself.

Amanda Bynes can’t seem to avoid the press these days. The once adorable girl with the knack for gross-out humor and star of more than a few TV shows appears to be losing her mind as well as her dignity. The internet rumors skyrocketed after she shaved her head reminiscent of Miley Cyrus and posted pictures of it on Twitter. She has been dodging accusations of mental illness from then on, and getting outraged at anyone who suggests it.

In previous episodes, Amanda Bynes had reportedly done some pretty crazy stuff and then said she had a doppelganger posing as her and none of it was really her.

Currently on her second nose-job, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Amanda Bynes apparently saw her mug shots and thought she needed it. Yes, this is after she shaved her head for whatever reason and then wore a platinum blonde wig to court after getting arrested for possession of marijuana.

All in all, this would probably make for an entertaining reality show, and Snooki called it like it is.

It’s interesting that the loud and obnoxious one from Jersey Shore has apparently turned out to be a little more normal than she let on, and now Snooki’s giving advice to Twitter‘s current favorite punching bag. She said on Twitter “I just think [Amanda Bynes is] entertaining. And I think she needs a reality show because I would watch it all the time…. If she needed help, I would wish that she would get it, obviously, but she’s entertaining. She’s my guilty pleasure on Twitter.”

Does it strike you as odd that Snooki is giving advice to Amanda Bynes? Do you think a reality show is what the troubled star needs?