international talk like a pirate day

Michigan Recognizes ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ [Video]

Arr! Michigan has decided to recognize “International Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

The Michigan Senate decided Tuesday to adopt a resolution that would officially recognize “International Talk Like a Pirate Day,” which will fall on September 19.

“Thank you, matey,” state Sen. Roger Kahn, clad with an eye-patch, said on the Senate floor. “Today we have passed speak like a pirate day.”

The resolution passed described the holiday as having begun “humbly in 1995 between two pirate enthusiasts named John Baur and Mark Summers as way to express their individual passion for nautical plundering.”

They celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day all by themselves for a full seven years before they decided to contact comedian and author Dave Barry to try and get some more attention to the concept. Barry ended up writing a column about the day, which helped Talk Like a Pirate Day become an instant viral sensation.

“Whereas, As ITLPD has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, it is appropriate for the state of Michigan to formally acknowledge this holiday and grant it the recognition it truly deserves.

“As a Great Lakes state, one of Michigan’s main duties must be promoting worthy maritime initiatives. ITLPD would give Michiganders who feel a strong connection to our Great Lakes an opportunity to properly celebrate beloved maritime activities, past and present,” the resolution said.

What do you think of Michigan recognizing “Talk Like a Pirate Day?” Should more states do the same? You can check out a video of Senator Kahn pushing the resolution below: