Nicole Richie Turns Tables On Paparazzo

Nicole Richie Turns Tables On Paparazzo Who Stalked Her

Nicole Richie had a good strategy to take on a paparazzo who followed her cross-country to get pictures — giving him a taste of his own medicine.

The reality television star and mother noticed that the paparazzo had followed her to Los Angeles, with his young daughter in tow. When the man seemingly abandoned the young girl to get his shot, Nicole Richie took a picture of her own.

She shared the picture on Instagram, including this caption:

“This paparazzi dragged his poor, sweet little girl on my plane from NYC to LA. As he ran her off the plane, he dropped her ON THE FLOOR of LAX as she laid there, crying her eyes out.. Just to get his shot. #Heartbreaking #FatherOfTheYear”

It seems not a good idea to mess with Nicole Richie’s maternal instincts. The fashion designer and television personality once had a reputation in Hollywood for a hard-partying attitude, but now seems to have settled down into family life. She and husband, rocker Joel Madden, live a quiet life by Hollywood standards.

Richie said her top priority is her family.

“Joel and I both grew up in what other people would call an unstable home. We both come from divorced parents and did a lot of moving around, so it’s very important to us to create a stable environment for our kids… or at least try to,” she explained to British newspaper The Telegraph.

Other Hollyood moms seem to have paparazzi problems. Hilary Duff said photographers hound whenever she steps outside with her child. Duff said being chased by photographers all the time is difficult.

“It’s hard having a baby and having paparazzi follow you all around all the time. I haven’t had to explain it to my son yet, what’s going on. For the most part they respect me and they respect my space, but it’s tough to always be photographed,” she explained.

A lot of people seem to agree with Nicole Richie and her strategy with dealing with paparazzi. Her Instagram post shaming her photo stalker accumulated more than 18,000 likes.