Miguel leg drop controversy

Miguel Leg Drop Conspiracy: ‘Billboard Never Said I Couldn’t Jump’

Miguel’s unfortunate “leg drop” incident was planned all along, and no one tried to stop him.

According to TMZ, Miguel actually practiced his dramatic flying leap from stage to stage twice during rehearsals for his performance at the Billboard Music Awards. When he actually jumped, he botched the landing and came down hard on audience member’s Khyati Shah.

Shah may be facing possible brain damage after the infamous “leg drop” incident.

The singer’s reps told the gossip rag that Billboard Music Awards producers didn’t tell Miguel that he couldn’t perform the stunt, even though earlier reports suggested that they had warned him against the jump. A rep for the singer also said that the show’s producers even asked Miguel about the stunt so that it could be captured on camera perfectly.

This sentiment is seemingly corroborated by the video of the singer’s performance, as it very clearly cuts to and shows the unfortunate leap right in the nick of time. If Miguel’s version is the truth, then it puts the onus on Billboard’s reps who appear to be covering their own butts.

So it’s pretty much a he-said, he-said argument between Miguel and Billboard, and it is currently unclear who Shah will target if she chooses to sue. Her attorney says that she is suffering from “difficulties” that suggest “a neurological head injury” and that she hasn’t ruled out suing if her medical exams confirm her suspicions.

Her lawyer seems to suggest that the injury is more Billboard’s fault that Miguel’s. After the “leg drop,” she was given an ice pack and given the opportunity to appear backstage with Miguel for an interview.

What do you think of Miguel’s infamous “leg drop” incident? Who should be held responsible is Shah truly has brain damage? Sound off!

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