Sinister Custard Snacks Taste Of Evil

Sinister Custard Snacks Taste Of Evil

Not many baking disasters can produce such sinister custard snacks that “taste of evil.”

We’ve all had our fair share of baking malfunctions — from the oven dying half way through to our cakes refusing to rise, there are no shortage of bad baking stories.

However, not many can claim that they baked some of the most sinister looking custard snacks ever before seen.

The only thing more disturbing is the Chef who cooked his wife. Hopefully these snacks don’t taste of evil because of a stunt like that!

The picture has received thousands of comments after it went live on Reddit.

The poster claims that the picture is of a friend’s baking who was attempting to achieve smiley faces and ended up with what looks like vomiting plague victims.

Not sure how much their friend appreciates their custard snacks being subjected to the torrent of Internet acclaim they’re currently getting.

Can we be sure that this isn’t someone getting one over on a person they dislike, not a friend?

Baking has suddenly become the new way to get revenge. All you need is a hopeless baker and a camera. Nothing could be simpler.

Seriously though, friend or not, this chance at a taste of evil is one of the oddest – and scariest – things to ever grace food and dining news.

Amidst all the endless comments, one poster said, “I bet they’ll be a hit,” which is linked to a GIF of a family in their Snuggies celebrating in true style.

Don’t believe it? See for yourself:

Sinister Custard Snacks Taste of Evil