Time-Lapse Photography On Your Smartphone

Spinpod Makes Time-Lapse Photography Possible On Your Smartphone

Unless you’re a professional photographer, or a skilled amateur, capturing high-quality time-lapse photography on your smartphone is probably something just out of your reach. Luckily, two Ph.D. candidates from the University of California have created a new accessory for your smartphone that makes the process a whole lot easier.

The device is a highly portable base that can accommodate most iPhones, iPods, and Android phones – it even works with a few other devices like GoPro cameras. The pair have also included a five-, 10-, and 15- second timer for taking shots of you and your friend together (or yourself).

Apart from time-lapse photography, it can help you take better panoramic photos, and function as a music holder, sound amplifier, and video-chat port. An LED light keeps things simple and tells you which mode you’re currently using.

The two student are seeking a bit of extra help to make time-lapse photography on your smartphone, specifically via their own Kickstarter campaign. For a pledge of $59, backers will be guaranteed their own Spinpod once the campaign comes to an end.

Not only are the student interested in photography, they’re also working with iStabilizer’s four-wheel dolly meant for DSLR cameras. Their aim is to modify it with a ball-head tripod mount so the Spinpod can motorize and drive the dolly. Luckily all current and future pledgers can add to their initial donation if and when such an item becomes available, letting them get their hands on one of the new devices with minimal hassle.

There are other devices out there that aim to make time-lapse photography more accessible but Spinpod seems to be a lot more sleek – not to mention have a lot more possibilities for future adaptations and alterations.

Have you ever tried your hand at time-lapse photography on your smartphone? Do you think this device will help?