Bobbi Kristina Brown Denies Being Evicted

Bobbi Kristina Brown Denies Being Evicted, Says She Chose To Move

Bobbi Kristina Brown is denying reports that she was kicked out of her Georgia apartment, saying instead that she chose to leave on her own after clashes with neighbors.

Reports on Wednesday said the 20-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston was evicted after a series of complaints from angry neighbors. But Brown’s camp struck out against those reports, saying she left on her own to get away from the neighbors.

“Bobbi felt that the neighbors were always in her business and looking to get some sort of media attention,” a source said. “Krissy lives on the 2nd floor and as with anyone who lives in a first floor apartment you should expect to hear some noise above you. But apparently these people have been nuts for a long time. So she decided to move out. She was not evicted.”

As she departed Bobbi Kristina Brown also left an angry note to neighbor Joshua Morse and his wife, calling the couple “s— at the bottom our our shoe.”

The note went on:

“Thank You for making a hard year harder.

“You are a miserable couple and always will be

“You were honored to have us living above you and you couldn’t stand such a young beautiful couple far more successful than you ever will be. I pray your misery doesn’t rub off on your innocent little baby.”

Morse and his wife filed at least 10 noise complaints against the 20-year-old and her 24-year-old boyfriend. The couple reportedly partied until 5:00 am on weekdays, keeping other neighbors awake.

There was even more drama as Bobbi Kristina Brown left the apartment. Animal control records showed that someone called Fulton County animal services about an abandoned dog left in the apartment after she moved out. But the dog was taken before officers could respond.

Bobbi Kristina Brown been involved in a number of high-profile incidents since the death of her mother Whitney Houston in February 2012. She was in a car accident, was hospitalized, and got engagement to and then broke up with her adopted brother.