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Openly gay wrestler Chris Kanyon dead in apparent suicide

chris kanyon death

Professional wrestler Chris Klucsaritis, better known by his stage name of Chris Kanyon, was found dead in his Queens apartment Friday night of an apparent suicide.

Official cause of death has not been determined, but initial reports say the wrestler was found with “with scores of pills near his body” in his Sunnyside apartment. Klucsaritis, 40, started his career with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) before moving to the WWE where he was one of the first openly gay wrestlers. He retired in 2004.

The WWE released a statement on their website expressing condolences to Klucsaritis’ friends and family:

“World Wrestling Entertainment would like to express its deepest condolences to Christopher Klucsaritis’ family and friends on his tragic passing.”

Police sources tell the New York Daily News that Chris Kanyon’s death is being investigated as a suicide.

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One Response to “Openly gay wrestler Chris Kanyon dead in apparent suicide”

  1. Olie V.

    As we will remember this is not the first time that Kanyon committed suicide. It was 2003 that he had the first attempt. Now, he died from an intentional overdose of pills at his home in Queens on Friday. It seems pro wrestlers have a lot more strain in their professional careers than other athletes or entertainers. There was the Chris Benoit tragedy, Eddie Guerrero’s heart attack, and then Chris Kanyon ODs. Other news about Chris Kanyon, or Christopher Klucsaritis, was that Chris Kanyon comes out- but then again, how surprising is that once you think about it? 1 in 10 is inherently, and whenever you think about the (oft un-discussed) homoeroticism of sports…you’d think more sportspeople actually would be coming out of the closet. He must have been a brave man to do so, and hopefully his family can find some peace of mind.

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