DC Digital Comics Let You Choose Your Own Path

DC Announces Digital Comics That Let You Choose Your Own Path

Nearly two years ago, DC accepted the digital age and started offering digital versions of their comics on the same day they released the physical ones. Now the company is taking another big step into the internet age by offering digital comics that let you choose your own path through them.

The DC2 format also features dynamic artwork that will unfold as the user taps from screen to screen. When it comes to the digital comics’ choose-your-own-path format – DC2 Multiverse – the main premise is to determine how the story unfolds at key junctures throughout.

Batman ’66 – created by Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case and based on the classic Batman television series will debut the new DC2 format. Tapping on the screen will bring the next element of the story to life, whether it’s a speech bubble, new panel, or an entirely different page. It opens up the option for more dynamic storytelling, making it less linear in nature.

Batman: Arkham Origins – which is being created as a comic book tie-in for the video game will debut the DC2 multiverse format. The ability to choose your own path through the digital comic book with add an element of gameplay, mirroring the actual video game in many respects.

DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee describes the replay ability the new format will offer:

“If you go back in the decision-making tree and replay other events or other decisions, you’ll get a lot more reading experience and reading content.”

The format also allows the company to collect useful data on which story branches are most appealing, allowing for more captivating content in future installments. Some also worry that it will create tired story-lines, which never try anything new due to their reliance on public opinion.

Which camp are you in? Do you think the choose your own path format with make digital comics better or worse?

Image Via: www.gameinformer.com