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Central Europe Flood Death Toll Mounts, Water Still Rising In Parts Of Germany [Video]

The central Europe flooding death toll has continued to rise, with at least 12 people now reported dead in the widespread flood that has claimed victims in at least three countries.

The European Union Emergency Centre has published a map updating what they know about the ongoing emergency, although details are likely to change as the extent of the damage becomes known.

In the hard-hit Czech Republic, there are seven people confirmed dead as of Monday. More than 7,000 people have been evacuated.

Multiple rivers are at 3rd level flood stage, including Prague’s Vltava. You can see video of the flooding and evacuation of the Prague Zoo, which is located along the Vltava, by visiting my report published yesterday.

In Germany, three people are confirmed dead and over 7,000 are evacuated to escape the flooding waters.

Two people are known dead and two more are missing in Austria.

As bad as the central Europe flooding is, the Czech Republic is now reporting that the waters have stopped rising in Prague. The disaster there is unlikely to be as serious as the 2002 flood.

However, the water is still rising in some parts of Germany, and some places haven’t seen floods this severe in century. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel toured the region with a pledge of at least €100 million federal help for flooding victims.

Passau, a German town near Austria at the intersection of three rivers, saw its highest level of flooding in 500 years on Austria. Merkel said that the disaster there was much worse than the 2002 Central Europe flood.

As the water moves downstream over the course of the next few days, emergency workers across Europe are getting prepared with measures like planned evacuations and shoring up levees with sandbags.

Here are some video reports from the scene:

Thousands Flee Europe Floods Central Europe 'Under Water' Record Floods Hit Parts of Europe

The central Europe flood waters will reach Budapest, the capital of Hungary, on Sunday.

[German flood photo by Rumuz via Wikimedia Commons]