North Korea Reactor Restarting Soon For Nuclear Bomb Plutonium Production

North Korea Reactor Restarting Soon For Nuclear Bomb Plutonium Production

The North Korea reactor is restarting soon, with experts afraid the North Korea will be used to create weapons-grade plutonium used in North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, threats of the North Korea reactor restarting started several months ago.

North Korea promised nuclear war against the United States and some wonder whether North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities are being underestimated. Some experts believe America would be in danger from a North Korean EMP attack and not a standard nuclear missile.

The North Korean nuclear reactor was previously “mothballed and disabled” based upon October 2007 talks between North Korea, the United States, and four other nations. In February, for the third time North Korea tested an underground nuclear device with an estimated power of between six to seven kilotons, about half the output of the Hiroshima nuclear weapon. A United Nation monitoring agency in Japan says the North Korea nuclear test’s radioactive isotopes from the reactor have been detected 600 miles from the nuclear test site.

The North Korea reactor restart is intended to increase the stockpiles of North Korea’s nuclear weapons, although they also say it’ll be used for generating electricity. Before North Korea shut down its main nuclear processing facility at Yongbyon, it is believed the regime stockpiled enough plutonium to create between four to 10 nuclear weapons.

The U.S.-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies said yesterday 5-megawatt graphite-rod North Korea reactor “may be 1-2 months from start up but the availability of fresh fuel rods to power the reactor remains uncertain.” Satellite photos show the creation of a new secondary cooling system and several other objects:

“North Korea may not be testing long-range missiles or nuclear weapons right now but its WMD program is moving ahead. The purpose of restarting the five megawatt reactor is crystal clear: the production of more plutonium for more bombs.”

South Korea, on the other hand, thinks the North Korea reactor is not so close to completion.

With the North Korea reactor restarting, how do you think the world should respond?

North Korea to Restart Nuclear Reactor