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9-Year-Old Fights Off Home Invader With The Crook’s Own Gun

Brooklyn, NY – A 9-year-old boy staved off two home invaders on Monday after he managed to snatch one of their guns and fire a few warning shots. Think of it as Home Alone meets Die Hard.

The two would-be robbers entered the 80th street house in Canarsie around 6 pm and ordered two teenagers inside to get on the floor, said police. The only other person in the house at the time was the 9-year-old boy, who was upstairs.

One of the suspects went upstairs and tried to force his way into a second-floor bedroom. This is when the 9-year-old decided to intervene, slamming the door on the suspect’s arm, which caused him to drop the gun.

I’d like to say he said something awesome like “Need a hand?” but that wasn’t in any of the reports.

Anyway, the boy recovered the fallen gun and fired a few shots at the suspect, said police. This freaked out the would-be robber, so he and his partner left without their gun. Luckily, no one was hit by bullets or really hurt at all, except maybe the robbers’ pride after being out-foxed by a 9-year-old.

Police are currently searching for suspects.

Such stories are not entirely uncommon, but this is probably the first one in a while where such a young child managed to wield a gun effectively and without causing harm to himself.

In January, a Houston boy (age 15) fended off two home intruders with an assault-style rifle, wounding one of them. Both suspects were taken into custody, and the 15-year-old boy, as well as his 12-year-old sister, were unharmed.

What do you think? Cool story, or is the image of a 9-year-old boy with a gun too uncomfortable regardless of the outcome?

[Image via: lanych / Shutterstock]