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Antonio Cromartie Tells NFL Rookies To Save Money, Avoid His Spending Addiction

Antonio Cromartie has come forward about his former spending addiction, acknowledging that he blew through at least $5 million in his first two seasons with the National Football League. Now the Jets cornerback wants to help other people, including NFL rookies, learn from his mistakes.

Cromartie sat down recently for a frank discussion with Newsday’s Bob Glauber. It sounds like a crazy ride from the wild man who famously fathered 10 children with eight women, but he claimed to have made a complete turnaround since his marriage:

“Right now, I try to put away as much money as I possibly can and live on a budget. I learned the hard way.”

The $5 million vanished like a puff of smoke because of out-of-control spending on nine cars, a ton of jewelry, and two houses — as well as family and friends who came around with their hands held out.

Among the cars was a ’65 Caprice which ate $100,000 in restoration costs. Two Dodge Chargers grabbed another $100K. Ouch.

The jewelry might have been money well spent, considering Cromartie apparently had eight women to keep happy. Heh.

Now that he’s settled into married life with the mother of two of his children, Antonio Cromartie said that he has switched to driving a practical Toyota Prius and living on a budget.

Cromartie advised rookies not to spend any money for their first two years in the NFL because they could get hurt and that’s all the money they will ever have from their football career.

I don’t think Antonio Cromartie’s advice is bad. I think it’s pretty smart.

But I think only time will tell if he sticks to it himself. What’s your read on the new pennypinching Antonio Cromartie?

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