Resistance Arms Will Make AK-47s In America [Interview]

Resistance Arms, a new gun company, may soon be manufacturing AK-47s and AK gun kits in the United States. The founders of Resistance Arms strongly feel that law-abiding Americans should have access to the same quality weapon which is currently unavailable from native gun manufacturers. The team at the AK-47 gun company has more than 20 years of firearms and machining experience.

The Inquisitr recently sat down with the founders of Resistance Arms to discuss the manufacture of AK-47s in America.

IQ: AK-47s are not currently being made in the United States. When Resistance Arms is fully operational, consumers will be able to purchase AK-47s or a corresponding kit. Why did your decide there was a need to create a gun company to make the weapons in America?

RE: We have had a “love affair” with the AK-47 rifle since childhood. Having seen it in every action movie or television show since we can remember, it was just something that stuck around. Mind you, it was introduced to the public as a weapon of Communism and most people never really put much thought into its true capability. Sadly, the AK-47 is usually in the hands of our enemies but we feel it has a place within the law abiding American citizen’s collection. Once we have reached our goal with our current funding campaign, we will be able start producing our rifle kits. Our kits are a unique design to whereas they are not a copy of the current imported parts we are seeing today. These kits will be interchangeable with the various receivers and barrels that enthusiasts normally use.

Resistance Arms has been in the planning stages for some time, but with the recent attempts to sidestep our Second Amendment rights, we have decided to move forward and we are asking the people to help us get operational in a short amount of time.

IQ: What is the history of the AK-47?

RE: The Kalashnikov rifle was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and platform has been in production since the late 1940’s. It was adopted by the Soviet Army in 1949. Since then it has been battle proven in many conflicts around the world. Many countries such as China, Egypt, and Romania have manufactured their own variants of the original design.

The estimated number of Kalashnikov platform weapons that have been produced since the late 1940’s is around 70 to 100 million. But the exact number is unknown. Currently there is leftover surplus from overseas that is being imported into the U.S., and this is where enthusiasts are obtaining their kits from.

IQ: Has the ongoing gun control debate impacted the developed of the Resistance Arms company?

RE: Since we are a new business, we have yet to really experience any issues. We have had some positive feedback via word of mouth. Currently, we are in the process of obtaining our federal licensing, so we are adhering to all the requirements in order to be compliant.

IQ: Has the proposed assault weapons ban been a concern?

RE: Absolutely! It has been reported that President Obama may use executive powers to ban the importation of weapons, parts, and ammunition. We feel this is in response to the weapons ban being defeated, so we must become proactive and produce parts so there will not be any lag in the supply chain. This will also help us become less dependent on importation from other countries who really don’t have a good relationship with the U.S., while at the same time growing our economy.

IQ: Have you experienced any funding hurdles when seeking financing for an AK-47 gun manufacturing company?

RE: This is definitely a real problem. We have experienced what is being reported. We have approached a few financial institutions and in one instance we were blatantly turned away. I see this as a trend that will gain steam in all aspects of the firearms industry.

IQ: Where will the Resistance Arms AK-47 gun manufacturing plant be located and how have local residents responded to the new business?

RA: We will be based out of Fort Mill, South Carolina. It has honestly been a mixed bag. There are some folks who think we don’t fit in the area. This is why we have been low key on our exact location. But there have been folks who are cheering us on, so we really can’t complain.

IQ: How will making the AK-47s in the United States be a benefit for gun owners?

RA: Our production of kits and rifles will have a positive impact on the American gun owner in two areas, quality and price. They can rest assured that they will not have to take out a second mortgage in order to have a top quality product they can rely on. If there is an importation ban implemented, they will be able to obtain the parts necessary to keep them up and running. We will be able to meet any demand that is put on us.

IQ: If your current timeline goals are achieved, Resistance Arms will begin making AK-47s in the fall. What weapons will be immediately become available?

RA: We will offer our base model AK-47 rifle. The name is a secret for now, but we are still working out the design. It is one we feel will “wow” the consumer. It will be dependable and very affordable while still offering a unique design.

IQ: Will a Federal Firearms License be required for customers to purchcase an AK-47 kit?

RA: Because we do not include the essential parts to make a functioning firearm (barrel, receiver), no FFL is required to purchase a kit from us in accordance with current BATF rules.

History of the AK-47

The AK-47 was among the first assault rifles of the “Second Generation” after the German StG 44. The rifle was developed in Russia by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The firearm is officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova. Design work on the AK-47 began in 1945, the last year of World War II. The slang term for the rifle in the USSR is, Kalash. The rifle was offered for an official military review in 1946. The fix-stock and final version of the AK was presented to select united within the Russian Army in 1948. The rifle was finally accepted for use by entire Soviet Armed Forces in 1949.

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