coffee pot casino robbery

Coffee Pot Casino Robbery Doesn’t Go Exactly As Planned [Video]

A coffee pot casino robbery will have you asking yourself, “Wait. Did I really just see that?” The Bayou Gold Casino in Eunice, Louisiana released a surveillance video of a recent heist carried out by an armed robber too cheap to invest in his own firearm — and, trust me, in Louisiana, that’s pretty darn cheap.

According to the Eunice police department — and their version seems to be borne out by the video — 32-year-old John Travis Guillory held up the lone cashier at the casino by wielding a glass coffee pot.

We’re not even talking about a steaming hot coffee pot full of dangerous liquids that might burn and cause you to run screaming down the street to sue the nearest McDonald’s.

We’re talking about an empty glass coffee pot.

Steven Albritton for KATC talked to the victim, Sherry LeBlanc. Guillory apparently threatened to hit her in the head, but she probably doesn’t need an explanation for why she cooperated with the crazy guy. Sometimes the safest thing to do is give the weirdo what he wants and let the professionals handle it.

“I was in shock,” she said. “I don’t know. You just don’t know what you’re going to do until you’re in that situation.”

The cheapskate robber made off with a cheapskate prize, stealing all of $859 as well as a couple of cell phones.

He was caught two blocks away and is currently being held without bond.

So what’s the deal with these robberies lately where folks aren’t even bothering to wear a mask? Don’t they know that there are surveillance cameras everywhere, even in the smallest towns?

I recently reported on another whackadoo robbery, this one of a bank, where the bold-faced criminal wore a see-through skirt while committing the daylight robbery.

As for Guillory, assuming he’s convicted, I don’t know how he’s going to explain to the other guys on the cell block that he’s in for a coffee pot casino robbery. Only in Louisiana!

[coffee pot photo by Aih via Flickr and Creative Commons]