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UFO Flies Into Mexican Volcano, An Apparent Act Of Self-Sacrifice [Video]

A clip of a UFO over a Mexican volcano is raising many questions this Monday morning, and the first isn’t even “is that really a UFO?” Instead, it’s “Did that UFO just sacrifice itself into that volcano?”

The video of an apparent UFO apparently flying right into Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano was taken on May 30, and is just the latest in a series of UFO sightings around the active volcano since late 2012 (yeah, we just got Mayan apocalypse chills all over again, too).

In the clip, the UFO seems to approach the volcano, slow down, and then deliberately enter the lave-filled crater.

So far, experts say that the video wasn’t faked, but they’re not entirely sure what to make of it. Speaking to The Huffington Post, Marc Dantonio, a photo and video analyst who does work in special effects and contracts with the U.S. government, said that the clip seems legitimate.

“What I think is that this is not a likely fake. I think, for the moment, this is a genuine image capture,”he said.

“When played back at normal video speeds, the object is made to appear to be moving very fast, but, in fact, it is moving at aircraft speeds if you play it at the proper frame rate for the capture.”

So is it a UFO?

Dantonio says that the craft “is turning at a rate consistent with aircraft, but the case that it is descending is not at all made. In this case, the object is moving from right to left and appears to be descending, but it is exactly this behavior you see if an aircraft at altitude is heading away from you — this is the consequence of perspective and round Earth.”

So, not an alien spacecraft, then.

“I am leaning toward the object being a captured commercial jet passing through the field of view. Several elements of this video are initially startling, firstly that the object appears to be moving fast, and secondly, that it appears to be descending into the volcano.”

You can check out the video of the UFO flying over the Mexican volcano for yourself below, and let us know what you think. Is this an alien craft sacrificing itself to appease the the Mayan gods?

[Image via: Esteban De Armas / Shutterstock]