Common ways people die on mount everest climber

Common Ways People Die On Mount Everest

Yuichiro Miura recently became the oldest man to climb the highest mountain on Earth – and in light of this achievement someone decide the ask the question, what are some common ways people die on Mount Everest?

It might seem slightly morbid but Miura was definitely one of the more determined people to take on the mountain, especially when you consider that 235 people have died trying as of 2012.

Designer Ed Hernandezs took the time to create an infographic which breaks down the various ways you could exit this Earth while trying to achieve such a monumental feat – you can see the infographic at the bottom of this post if you’re interested.

The most common ways people die on Mount Everest are avalanches and falling which is fairly unsurprising. What is strange is that most climbers actually die while descending the mountain in a place affectionately known as the “Death Zone.” This is the area above 8,000 meters where oxygen levels are lower and temperatures are most extreme – creating a greater chance of death. One factor to consider could be that once reaching the top, many climbers grow complacent, and thinking that the most difficult part is over, fall to their death while climbing back down.

Another, less common ways people die on Mount Everest is from a condition know as high-altitude cerebral edema (HACE). It involves swelling of your brain due to blood vessels leaking at such high altitude and normally comes with symptoms that include poor coordination, confusion, poor judgement and occasionally unconsciousness – which can be quite a problem on a steep cliff face covered in ice and snow.

For a full breakdown of the most common ways people die on Mount Everest, take a look at the following infographic and let us know which way you think would be the worst to go:

Infographic of common ways people die on mount everest

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