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Summer Jam 2013: Papoose ‘Bumrushed’ Hot 97 Event, Twitter Feud Ensues [Photo]

A Summer Jam 2013 Twitter feud has lit up the internet in the aftermath of supposedly uninvited hip hop performer Papoose taking the stage in what some people called a classic bumrush. To add insult to injury, the Summer Jam 2013 finale then got cut off as it apparently went too far beyond the allotted time.

Papoose made no apology for his actions, posting a photo of his performance to Instagram with the tactful comment: “Live from summer jam…I run New York.”

His 1,000 true fans love it, of course. A poster called Trippergetem said, “You are inspiration for doing what you did today.”

Lahdeville said, “I be you homie, I like how you just step in ript the stage then walked off pap!!!!”

All four exclamation points belong to the Papoose enthusiast in question.

There were lots more positive comments, so I’ll just post one more from Akeyes79, “It’s time hot97 be forced to support NYC artist.”

But let’s get real. It wouldn’t be a Twitter feud if everybody appreciated how Papoose bumrushed the stage.

Hot 97, the host of Summer Jam 2013, apparently didn’t appreciate the surprise appearance. Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden fired back at Papoose on Twitter in a series of angry exchanges.

Ebro left a lot of tweets on this topic. Dozens, maybe. Too many for this writer to count anyway. Twitter may not believe it, but there were other events going on last night besides Turkey’s Prime Minister calling out Twitter as a menace and Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2013.

Here are just a few of Ebro’s outraged tweets:

And it goes on endlessly. Just two fan takes from the explosion on Twitter:

And here’s that Instagram of Papoose’s supposed bumrush of Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2013:

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[Papoose onstage Summer Jam 2013 by Papoose via Instagram]

[music festival photo by Zeber via Shutterstock]