Justin Bieber's Calabasas Neighbors Refuse To Pay Monthly Service Charges Over His Alleged Behavior

Justin Bieber Neighbors Unite Against Singer? Crisis In Calabasas

Justin Bieber’s tense relationship with his Calabasas, Los Angeles neighbors has reportedly led to a mutiny of sorts.

Residents are reportedly up in arms over the 19-year-old’s alleged behavior in the neighborhood and are threatening to withhold payments of service charges to the Homeowner Association (HOA).

It’s claimed some residents feel the HOA have failed to respond adequately to reports of Bieber’s allegedly “wild” behavior in the community, and are refusing to pay the service charges in protest.

Residents in the expensive, gated enclave pay $1,000 per month for services such as security (including surveillance) and street cleaning. In total, around 500 residents are billed each month.

It’s also claimed that some of the homeowners are demanding the HOA speak firmly to Bieber about the neighborhood’s rules. These include noise nuisance, parking by non-residents, and observation of speed limits.

Some of the alleged behavior the neighbors are upset over includes claims that Bieber holds noisy parties at his house with loud music often heard at unsocial hours.

While the singer was away in Europe on his Believe world tour, it was reported that his friend and rapper Lil Twist held an alleged Studio 54-like “weed party” at the pop star’s $6.5 million house.

Bieber’s allegedly reckless driving — and his friends — in the 25 mph limit area is also an issue for neighbors.

As recently as Wednesday, May 30, Lil Twist was pulled over for speeding less than a mile away from the Calabasas neighborhood while driving the Canadian’s white Ferrari. Police let him off with a warning.

That incident came two days after another alleged reckless instance involving Bieber’s high performance car.

On Monday, May 27, two witnesses, including ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, and another Calabasas resident told police they saw the teen singer speed past them in his Ferrari.

Justin Bieber's Alleged Reckless Speeding Leads To Tense Set-Off With Calabsas, Los Angeles Neighbors

Johnson followed the vehicle in his Prius to Bieber’s nearby home. The 40-year-old claims he saw the singer sitting in the driver’s seat in his driveway.

The father-of-four’s agent, Jerome Stanley, told TMZ:

“Keyshawn is taking the situation very seriously. He wants Justin to slow down and be a responsible neighbor.”

A police investigation into the alleged incident is underway. However, recent developments indicate it may officially resolve sooner rather than later.

It has been revealed that Bieber was not driving the Ferrari on Memorial day.

Tyler, The Creator, a producer-rapper, aka Tyler Gregory Okonma, recently publicly admitted that he was driving the car at the time of the alleged reckless incident.

In addition, Bieber’ security team reportedly have video footage to prove that Tyler was behind the wheel — and not the singer. The team say the 19-year-old only got into the driver’s seat after they reached his house in order to carefully park the Ferrari in the garage.

Justin Bieber's Calabasas Neighbors Go To War Over Singer's Alleged Reckless Antics

According to TMZ:

“Keyshawn says he saw Justin behind the wheel of his Ferrari in the driveway of his gated community. We’re told 3 other witnesses also saw Justin behind the wheel.”

“Keyshawn tells TMZ … when he confronted Justin in his garage … Justin said he wasn’t driving during the wild ride and got into the driver’s seat in the driveway to park the car into the garage — which is a tricky maneuver in a low-riding vehicle.”

Johnson’s statements would appear to indicate that he only clearly saw Bieber in the driver’s seat in the driveway of his home, which is consistent with the security team’s claim.

Crucially, although reportedly three witnesses say they saw the singer driving, given the speed the vehicle was said to be traveling at a definitive sighting seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, prosecutors are also looking at possible charges against Bieber for battery after another Calabasas neighbor claimed the pop star spat in his face and threatened to kill him during a March argument over the singer’s alleged reckless driving.

The quality of the evidence in that investigation has not yet been made public.

Justin Bieber’s Twitter response two days later:

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