'BioShock' is one of many games featuring viruses you don't want to encounter

Video Game Viruses You Never Want To Encounter

Video games have hosted some pretty bad viruses. Here’s a bunch you’re probably happy you never have to encounter.

It’s well known by now that if a zombie apocalypse were ever to happen, it’s usually because a top secret virus created by the US military for weapons got loose and wiped out most of humanity. It’s the basic story behind Resident Evil, though Dead Island chickened out a bit … We’d be spoiling it if we told you what causes the infection in that game.

In Mass Effect 3, there was an infection called the Genophage. It’s a biological weapon that is slowly turning the entire Krogan race instinct. It’s such a horrible infection that pregnant Krogan women are considered a precious commodity. It’s up to the player whether they want to save the Krogan race or not.

The Binding Of Isaac has one of the weirdest and grossest infections we’ve ever encountered. Isaac is infected with maggot-like “friends” that live in his chest. The bright side? He can hatch a swarm of attack flies. You don’t want to know what the gross part is, but it can kill him quickly.

The Flood from Halo 4 is a doozy. This parasite infects and controls anything it can get ahold of, and there is no known way to eliminate them.

Resident Evil‘s T-Virus looks like the sniffles compared to Las Plagas. This pesky virus comes in a variety of forms, each one dedicated to turning you into a particular kind of freak with crazy powers.

The Cordyseps from The Last of Us, one of which is called ophiocordyseps, is a fungus which zombifies insects and is responsible for all of the zombies in the game.

Unless your name is Alex Mercer or James Heller, you really don’t want to know what the blacklight virus can do in Prototype. In the span of a week, it turns New York City into a parasitic wasteland, infecting everything in sight with a creepy red glow. Only those two have ever bonded with it and become super human.

ADAM poisoning is what happens when you drink too much of something that came from mutant slugs. And it’s how the splicers came to be in BioShock and its immediate sequel.

Metal Gear Solid‘s protagonist Solid Snake was unknowingly carrying a virus known as Foxdie, which lets anyone with the ability remotely activate a heart attack and kill you literally in a heartbeat.

What are some of the worst viruses you’ve ever encountered in a video game?