Prancercise Video Goes Viral, Spawns Tributes

Prancercise Video Goes Viral, Spawns Tributes

Prancercise was meant as a lively workout for people who apparently love horses, and it’s now become a nationwide hit that’s spawning several tribute videos.

For those who have yet to see the awesomeness that is Prancercise, the exercise is a routine created by a middle-aged woman named Joanna Rohrback.

In a five-minute video, Rohrback dances around a Florida park in a workout routine that defies description. Imagine if your kooky aunt decided tried to imitate Psy’s horse dance from Gangnam Style, then strapped on some ankle weights and her best blazer did it in public.

Though Rorhback came up with Prancercise in 1989, but it’s just now became a hit when her YouTube video showing the routine went viral. Rohrback formed an LLC late last year, and also sells a book touting the benefits of Prancercise.

In an age of viral marketing, it might be natural to assume that something so crazy is some kind of elaborate hoax, but Rohrback appears 100 percent genuine with Prancercise.

Rohrback has now appeared on NBC’s Today show to talk about the routine, and several tributes have appeared online.

“When I finally developed the moves, I felt like it was a horse prancing in a parade,” she said. It led her to the perfect name: Prancercise.

She describes it on her website:

“Prancercise® is defined as: A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation. ‘This form of movement, along with dietary and spiritual principles can create the most satisfying, holistic and successful fitness program one could hope to experience. I encourage anyone who is ready for a huge change in their lives, from the way they see the world, to the way they see themselves to explore the principles inherent in this program, especially as outlined in my book : Prancercise®:The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence.’ ”

Prancercise has become the new craze on YouTube, a la “Gangnam Style” or the “Harlem Shake,” with dozens of imitators. There is the obligatory video of news anchors copying the routine:

And plenty of remixes:

Rohrback doesn’t seem to mind the imitators, and appears to understand the video’s strange appeal.

“People have reacted to a kooky woman doing these exercises,” she said. “Everybody wishes to have the attention I’m having.”

Given the life of the “Harlem Shake” and other crazes, Rohrback better get the most out of Prancercise now before the next big thing comes.