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The 10 Most Awesome Ways To Die


We all die eventually, but there’s dying, and then there’s dying in an interesting way. We trawled the entire online universe to come up with the list of what we think is the 10 most awesome ways to die.

10. While Having sex

OK, who doesn’t want to go out while having an orgasm. You get bonus points though if you’re having sex with Natalie Portman at the time.

9. Drugs

So drugs are bad right? well, if you’re going to die wouldn’t it be better to be off your head at the time? Besides, there’s more than one reason they pump people in hospitals who are about to die full of morphine :)

8. Poison In Your Favorite Meal

If you’re going to die, why not do it over an excellent meal with a nice bottle of wine

7. Unexpected Animal Attack

So you wannabe famous? There’s no better way to get your 15 minutes of fame than by being attacked by an unexpected animal. Sharks and Stingrays are yesterday though, so be creative. Maybe death by Bambi?

6. Robots

We’re not talking industrial robots here, we’re talking proper robots, like the ones on Doctor Who :) Bonus points if the robots have lasers.

5. Skydiving on crack

Why simply take drugs to die when you can do it after jumping out of a plane having taken the same drugs :)

4. Playing Hero

OK, so this would help if you were batshit crazy as well, but if you’re going to kick the bucket, show some class and try to save the day first.

3. On YouTube

If you’re silly enough to want to kill yourself, chances are you’re an Emo anyway, and there’s no better place to do it than YouTube, except maybe Besides, the lulz in the media afterwards actually means you won’t be forgotten.

2. In A Fight

Bonus points if it’s against River Tam

1. Ninjas

Without doubt if you have to die, dying at the hands of a female ninja is the way to go.

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9 Responses to “The 10 Most Awesome Ways To Die”

  1. Scotty Ley

    Tastless? Desensitized? Childish and crap? Well, maybe. As an old guy (um, actually for most of my life) I think a lot about death and the different ways to go. So I've compiled my own list over the years (just a bit shorter than the above list): 3rd best way to go is to freeze to death. There have been cases in the military that involve far northern enlisted people who went out in the cold, stood on a corner waiting on a traffic light, went to sleep while standing and froze to death. Yes, they were found standing up. To be frozen is just to go to sleep. 2nd best way to die is to be bitten by a Cobra ("Believe it or not" sez Ripley). The venom of a Cobra is potent enough to kill quickly and includes an hallucinigen much like LSD. That's sort of like one or two in this article (but not). The absolute very best way to go, tho', is in my humble opinion #4 above. I would especially like it if the life I save is that of a child. I recenly read of an Australian male teacher who died while saving the lives of, I think it was, five of his students. For me, there is no better way of going than that.

  2. Jeffrey Crooks

    if the lady ninja was naked and in bed intimately w/ me….the yes the ninja lady id vote for!!!Oh and in a pool of lime jello!!!

  3. Shirley Verner

    I am with you, saving a child while moving on to the next realm…..knowing that I have lived a full life, and they are just getting started!

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