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When Obamacare Starts In 2014 Health Insurance Is Required, But We’re Taxed Now

When Obamacare Starts In 2014 Health Insurance Is Required, But We're Taxed Now

Obamacare starts when in 2014 private health insurance becomes a requirement for all employed United States citizens. But in actuality a huge chunk of Obamacare has already been implemented in the form of taxes and organizational changes.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, even before Obamacare starts some doctors are stopping insurance coverage. One doctor claims this allows them to eliminate the insurance paperwork and improve both patient care and the bottom line.

When Obamacare starts in 2014 the NY Times claims the goal is to pay less yet get more by giving incentives to doctors:

“Doctors and hospitals are paid primarily for procedures and tests, not health outcomes. The goal of the health care law is to flip this fee-for-services system (which some insurance companies are emulating) to one where the government pays doctors and hospitals to keep Medicare patients healthy and the services they do render are reimbursed more for their value than volume.”

To meet this goal all doctors will have to switch to electronic patient records which can be shared between providers. Gathering all this data would allow computer programs to analyze patient’s records in order to provide preemptive health care. For example, there might be early signs of cancer that could be screened via computer based analysis.

But critics are already saying Obamacare is being implemented poorly. Even Harry Reid, who helped pass the Affordable Care Act, calls Obamacare’s rough start a “train wreck.”.

What’s more troubling is that the IRS will be in charge of implementing Obamacare. The Obamacare taxes started being collected in 2010, but this money only covers six years of coverage to 2020 for 10 years of taxes. When Obamacare starts in 2014, the IRS leader in charge of Obamacare is also the same person who was in charge of targeting conservatives as part of the IRS Scandal.

When Obamacare starts in 2014, anyone who does not purchase qualifying health insurance must pay an Obamacare individual mandate non-compliance tax, which is estimated to affect six million Americans mostly in the middle class. All families will be required to provide estimates of future income at the end of 2013. But if projections are wrong Obamacare could trigger large tax surprises years down the road.

Other Obamacare taxes already implemented include a capital gains tax, a medicare payroll (FICA) tax increase, taxes on high medical bills, medical device taxes, and taxes on Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). When Obamacare starts in 2014, businesses face penalties ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 per employee for not offering health coverage. As Obamacare starts some taxes will not be phased in until 2018, which includes extra taxes on health insurance companies, union members, and early retirees.

When Obamacare starts in 2014, what do you plan on doing?

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33 Responses to “When Obamacare Starts In 2014 Health Insurance Is Required, But We’re Taxed Now”

  1. Kenneth Duncan

    If it has not started yet, then why did my monthly premiums double right after it was signed into law?

  2. Wilma White

    Its already hurting the economy as more and more people find themselves part time employees, with no health insurance and looking at a tax they can, t afford and makeing a lot less money as well this is a train wreck , putting it mildly, this is not something done to help the US people, everyones insurance sucks now as a result of this law.

  3. Wilma White

    obamacare has already ravaged our healthcare , it sucks compared to just 3 years ago. Many people have found themselves part time employees so companies don, t have to provide healthcare so they are makeing much less money and going to have a fine for no insurance, so this is certainly a train wreck to put it mildly. My son and his family are going through this right now.

  4. Travis Harris

    I don't really believe it has to do with healthcare at all. If your a big company with big stocks its cheaper for you to pay the fine than it is to give their workers insurance. So if most of your congress and president invest in the stock market they will ahead of the game. Just a loop hole. Us so called middle class is left holding the bag.

  5. Randy Hayden

    This will cost jobs. This should have been on the ballot to let US decide not the Congress. We are running down the road towards socialism.

  6. Mary Marschall

    Communist America is here folks. Unfortunately we do not live in a country that really has a universal health care plan. Here we are working on making the middle class poorer. And with Obamacare, lets not pay our physicians for treating people who are not curable.

  7. Tanya Evans

    I will continue to go uninsured. Currently my husband pays 92% of his net earnings to child support. I have read about the subsidies that will help offset premiums but they still leave a net cost of near 10% of our income. Having to spend 10% of our combined income for health insurance is not an option. Subsidies would not help us. If the penalty tax is less than 10% of our income, we would have to go that route. We would rather have food.

  8. Mary Thompson

    I will be unemployed so how can I estimate an imcome? I really want to cry over what has happened to my country!

  9. Michael Hiller

    it being implemented in California and the results have been better than expected. Insurance companies are competing and the prices are down for the individual. Once this is in place it can be modified…which I believe also could have been done if the GOP in congress actually tried to help instead of trying to kill it 37 times. People are acting like this is the end of the world and our country will be gone forever into the throws of Socialism. Really? They said the same thing about Social Security and it's one of the best programs we have. This will all level out once it gets going. Relax…the right leaning Supreme Court thought it was a good idea.

  10. John A. Walker

    They should of frozen insurance premiums when this started five years …. They have gone up each of the last five years 10 to 50% each year. When Obama care takes effect they can well afford to give you a break with a small decrease and the insurance companies will say we helped … Insurance is the biggest business in my state and can never lose ….. There are 16 parts to American health care and all have individually agreed to take a cut…. unfortunately this happened in back rooms ….

  11. Charlene Wood

    Obama care is not for health it is for control of our everyday lives, what we eat, drink, wear, do , say , and think.

  12. Mike Shupp

    The fact you think S.S. is the best program we have goes to show you are living in a fantasy world. It's bankrupt. Blaming the GOP for problems with Obamacare is laughable. Having many friends living in California I must now call liars because of the raising premiums they say they are paying, and you say it is cheaper. The job I have is laying off many people and cutting long time employees down to less than 30 hours, these are all facts. It has not worked in may countries and it will be no better now. Though Obama said it would not e a tax, it is a penalty enforced by the IRS,,laughable again. We will wake you when its over.

  13. Kay Lester

    Aetna already does this for me. what rock have you been under?

  14. Anonymous

    Michael Hiller No proof currently exists that the majority of the current and future mandates of the affordable care act will help anyone, let alone many, over the long term. The single biggest problem with the health care system in general is that we still have not established a standard value for a human life and basic services and until that happens the system will remain broken.

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