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Churches Cut Boy Scout Ties After Gay Ban Lifted

Churches Cut Boy Scout Ties After Gay Ban Lifted

Churches cut Boy Scout ties after the Boy Scout gay ban was lifted.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, lifting the Boy Scout gay ban has angered churches. Many longtime Boy Scout supporters are pulling their entire families from the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

Critics of the Boy Scouts gay ban reversal say the BSA had never discriminated against homosexual youths. The BSA membership application reportedly does not ask about sexual orientation, and the BSA has never attempted to find or remove its gay members. The Boy Scouts gay ban will still be in effect for Boy Scout leadership.

As churches cut Boy Scout ties there is a debate over where the line should be drawn. Churches sponsor about 70 percent of the 100,000 charted Boy Scout units in the United States.

Dallas Pastor Gregg Simmons says, “We’re going to have a long, hard discussion of our support for our local troop. How will they maintain ‘morally straight’? They have stripped that statement of all meaning. You’re not just teaching young men how to build campfires.”

Pastor Ben Wright will not immediately see his churches cut Boy Scout ties based upon the gay ban decision, but “progression toward acceptance of homosexual leaders would warrant another review of the relationship.” Wright also points out that “Boy Scout guidelines prohibit the promotion of social and political agendas within the organization but this resolution steps right into that” since the new Boy Scout policy uses phrases like “sexual orientation” and “sexual preference.”

As churches cut Boy Scout ties because of the Boy Scout gay ban being lifted, what do you think the BSA should do?

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9 Responses to “Churches Cut Boy Scout Ties After Gay Ban Lifted”

  1. Anonymous

    BSA should not have caved. they should have clarified their ACTUAL POLICY which only banned OPENLY gay.. They don't want hetero's being openly sexual with the boys either. They should have clearly defined what OPENLY meet… that being a relatively high bar… before someone could submit their were being to open. I think plenty of people are tolerant (in the correct sense) about gays (along with all the folks who do not care one way or the other). Unless there's a VALID complaint… let them volunteer.

    The second thing BSA should have done is go on the OFFENSIVE and start suing people who have ZERO right to chastize or to attack BSA membership rules. Because what they are advocating is that ANYBODY must be accepted in ANY ORGANIZATION…. Conservatives, Republicans are way too shy.

  2. Anonymous

    That's just fine cuz I cut ties with religion 50 years ago. This is exactly the kind of thing that expose those groups for what they are. Arrogant, hateful, judgmental and unthinking. If they can, in some twisted way, explain away their intolerance through the readings of 'their' book……….YOU NEED A NEW BOOK!

  3. Eric Heidel

    At this point who cares.Let all the Christian scouts form their own group as the gays should have done. They will be stronger under the wing of the church instead of the whims of corporate America.

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