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PlayStation 4: Sony Listens To The Fans About DRM

PlayStation 4 producers listen to gamers on Twitter about DRM

Sony employees have responded to fans on Twitter who don’t want digital rights management (DRM) on their PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 fans took to Twitter this morning with a campaign to tell Sony they don’t want DRM on their next generation console. Using the hashtag #PS4noDRM, players by the droves pleaded with Sony to not do what the Xbox One is doing.

Sony is listening, unlike Microsoft. Microsoft seems to think they can just blow smoke up everyone’s hindside and tell them what their next console is going to require from them, and the fans will simply line up on launch day to buy the machine anyway. Sony knows it doesn’t work that way. You have to supply something we want in order to create demand.

PlayStation 4 fans have been quite vocal about their demands for a more easygoing next generation console. Gamers pleaded with Sony after the announcement that they’d be following Microsoft’s example and preventing used games from being played on the PlayStation 4 using DRM controls.

In an overwhelmingly, and possibly tear-jerking, response from Sony, high-ranking employees have responded to gamers on Twitter, assuring them that yes, they are indeed listening. One of them even took the campaign as a sign that his path as a Sony employee, which started 31 years ago, was the right one.

Could it be that today’s show of passion for Sony is an indication of Xbox One’s “red ring of death”? Could the PlayStation 4 make Sony the king once more by listening to the gamers?

The following is a collection of tweets from said Sony employees, showing us that, yes indeed, they are listening.

John Koller, the head of Sony Hardware Marketing, said:

Nick Accordino, an SCEA producer, added:

Scott Rohde, PlayStation Software Product Development Head chimed in with:

Sony senior business development manager Shadid Kamal Ahmed finishes it off nicely by saying:

How do you feel about Sony’s response to the PlayStation 4 DRM Twitter protest?

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7 Responses to “PlayStation 4: Sony Listens To The Fans About DRM”

  1. Allen Heffley

    I'm confused. So Sony announced that they were following Micro$oft in the DRM area? I thought this was ultimately up to the publishers? How are they listening if all they did is reply with I hear you and I love passionate playstation fans? I'm a huge fan of Playstation and am getting the PS4 no matter what. I just don't understand what this article is saying, also I didn't see that sony announced it was going the same route.

  2. Will Ryan

    This article is garbage. It's biased and has no basis is reality. Sony never said they wouldn't still be including DRM and Microsoft have not yet said how they will be handling used games and lending games to friends. "Journalists" like you should be ashamed of yourselves. Regardless, I'm ashamed for you.

  3. Yienwae Perezfam-miiz

    Just because Sony's employees 'hear the passion of its fans' does not mean they are heeding the message. Until Sony announces that they are not going to be engaging in DRM, the risk of it happening is always present. I will take a 'wait and see' attitude because nothing in those comments said they would not use DRM.

    This article looks more to be a XBox One bashing/heroic Sony session.

    I don't buy it. Officially announce it, then I will believe.

  4. Vanessa Frost

    The journalist never lied at any point in this article. He never said "Sony has decided not to include DRM due to a flood of protest". He simply said PS4 employees were taking note of the fanbase. Jesus.

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