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Amanda Bynes And Rihanna Engage In Twitter Feud

Amanda Bynes Attacks Rihanna on Twitter

Amanda Bynes and Rihanna are attacking one another in this weeks newest Twitter feud.

Out of the blue on Sunday, Amanda Bynes decided to attack Rihanna with the following tweet:

“@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.”

Shortly after the tweet was sent, Bynes went ahead and deleted her offensive and grating message but not before screen captures were obtained.

Rihanna for her part went on the offensive and sent out the following Twitter attack of her own:

“Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?”

Amanda may have deleted her first tweet, but she wasn’t going to sit by and take Rihanna’s response to her attack. Instead, Amanda Bynes tweets:

“@rihanna unlike ur fugly faced self I don’t do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren’t pretty u know it!”

Apparently realizing that she didn’t really have an argument for attack Amanda Bynes removed her second tweet a short time later.

The Twitter feud is just yet another seeming part of the Amanda Bynes breakdown. The actress over the last year has been arrested on suspicion of DUI, has posted half nude photos of herself on Twitter, and has been attacked and supported by various members of the Hollywood community.

The earliest reports against Bynes claim she has been doing drugs and talking to herself while at the gym.

For her part, Amanda Bynes has remained vigilant in her own defense, claiming that she has not gone crazy and is simply living her own life as she sees fit.

Amanda Bynes continues to skate by for her actions, but she still faces an uphill legal battle that could help or her the actresses mental stability.

Do you think Amanda Bynes is actually crazy, or is she simply pulling the best performance art of her life?

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83 Responses to “Amanda Bynes And Rihanna Engage In Twitter Feud”

  1. Angel Ritchie

    Maybe someone could kick her ass now and save her from herself. She is very disrespectful and rude and ugly is to the bone, which is her behavior.

  2. Tallula Kwakenbush

    So true…..Tis' two twits on twitter…….*yawn!

  3. Anonymous


  4. Wazir Muhammad

    beautiful is kinda subjective here. personally i find her cavernous five head repulsive and her voice is an autotuned mess to hide one of the screechiest voice known to man kind. of course i hold no ill will torward rihanna and i am only saying this because i find your blind fandom idiotic (you are calling her personal nicknames like 'RIRI'. seriously that is hilariously insane) and your lack of basic human empathy repugnant. tell someone you dont know to kill themselves. you are pathetic

  5. Wazir Muhammad

    word to the wise ladies and gentlemen, do not get to invested in the affairs of celebrities other wise you might end up an obsessive, unlikeable, mess like this poor fool

  6. Anonymous

    Can they both just go away? If I never heard anything about these two again, it would be too soon.

  7. Adam Sobh

    I don't do drugs lol so who was that smoking a bong in the pictures the paparazzi took? her evil twin?

  8. Rachel Heeter

    she needs to leave Rihanna alone, and focus on her messed up life. At least Rihanna didn't get arrested.

  9. TaTonya Roberson

    She claims there's a double out there. Coo-Coo

  10. TaTonya Roberson

    What is the point in you attacking someone because you don't agree with them? You're extremely rude. She has an opinion. All you have to do is say you don't agree.

  11. Anonymous

    What do they mean Amanda "didn't have an argument for attack"? She was absolutely right: Rihanna is not pretty.

  12. Karl Hutchense

    When is someone going to do an expose' on the kid "pseudo stars" cranked out by the Disney Marketing Machine?

  13. Bethany Stalnaker

    Isn't the other person attacking Amanda Bynes because they don't agree with what she did? What makes his comment any worse? Atleast he did not call them names like and ugly pissing drunk woman who no man will ever like. Obviously Amanda Bynes is going through some sort of issue that nobody should judge. Something is obviously wrong and in most cases of mental disorders or drug addiction the only way to help them once they have hit rock bottom is some kind of intervention because they cannot see what is happening around them. It is so sad that most people do not even understand these things and run around judging people.

  14. Brianna Stefan

    Absolutely terrible jokes aside, Rihanna was just rated #3 on Maxim's Hot 100 list, so apparently a lot of people disagree with you.

  15. Anonymous

    Oh come on. She's lashing out, so what. The media plays into whatever Amanda Bynes is going through because it seems like a Brittany Spears 2.0 scenario jumping off. Rihanna probably gets hundreds of tweets talking trash about hera day just like every other celebrity. Those tweets sound no different from some random asshole on the internet wanting to start something…and half naked photos? really? Rihanna last cover art for her recent album showed just as much. I'm not saying what's up with Amanda Bynes is okay, but stop trying to make it any more than what it is. She needs to seek help when she's ready to or have someone step into to make that decision for her if it gets that bad. No ones oblivious to the crazy Rihanna fans that will send death threats if you throw even the slightest shade her way. She wants attention and we give it to her (AB). I hope she'll be okay… Brittany seems to be doing pretty okay since that nasty media frenzy over her personal life. Like sharks in the water, the minute they smell blood…

  16. Kimáni Jane

    I think she doing all this stupid shit for attention. STOP trying to be the next lindsay lohan. Rihanna is not ugly far from ugly!

  17. Anonymous

    ist step of a addict ADMIT YOUR A ADDICT– keep the focus on u baby-u r in no place in your life to talk about anyone.

  18. Meenu Kaur

    Trish Henley -bipolar disorder is a serious mental condition that much of the american population suffers from and all of those americans should not be attacked beacuse of your disgust for one celebrity . Drug addiction ,also is a serious problem and is done by those that are engaging in self loathing and destructive behavior. I feel very empathetic for amanda bynes , being that I too am human and everyone is susceptible to dangerous behavior. And beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

  19. Anonymous

    disrespectful and rude indeed! her behavior is hideous. and she needs to step outside herself and realize what she is doing! before its too late.

  20. BeBe Renee

    If anything, I find Rihanna's response to be…IDK…Not very "Rihanna-ish" (if you have ever seen her bullying attacks on Twitter, then you know what I mean)…Makes me wonder if maybe Amanda "feels" she has a reason to say things like this…Then again, she seems to be into randomly calling everyone and their mamma ugly these days (or maybe she got word that they said something about her? IDK) I used to really like her, don't know what's going on, but whatever it is, if it is something, I hope it gets better. That mess she said about Rihanna was NOT funny.

  21. Anonymous

    maybe there was some sort of unresolved issues behind closed doors, that could maybe be, but if she is trying to 'get even' or 'get one over' she has completely screwed herself!

    Randomized Attacks in Public Sphere
    attacking her nemeses in PUBLIC (a sign of personal weakness and immaturity), not to mention, AT RANDOM (which creates a confused and OBVIOUSLY unsympathetic audience),

    Racial Remarks
    is a recipe for angering large segmented groups of people (who have nothing to do with the situation–who do not understand the underlying pretext and subtext of the situation and subsequent) find themselves strangely involved.

    High On Her Own Juice
    Then, just overall, telling obvious lies, and then lying on top of that, diminishing her credibility, washing it down with even more lies; she's not winning …at alll. she's just drunk on her own juice. burning bridge after bridge after bridge.

    She is committing social and career suicide.

  22. Patrick Martin

    I mean…it's not like she's wrong. Rihanna is pretty stupid and her face is a train wreck.

  23. Anonymous

    Yes they should both take a good look at themselves!! Amanda is bat shit crazy and Rihanna is begging Chris Brown to "Stay" if you have to beg a man he is not worth it.

  24. Anonymous

    whether you find Amanda's opinion to be wrong or right, it doesn't matter. starting a twitter feud no matter what is just childish, personally I think Rihanna's response was pretty mature.

  25. Anonymous

    Yeah, my neighbor used to walk around in a bad wig, throw bongs out her car window and talk to herself non-stop. No one said that was "Performance art" We called it "crack ho crazy".

  26. Kurt Smith

    She's got some serious egotistical issues, I'm assuming she lashes out at others "looks" because of her own insecurity. Seriously, who calls people ugly these days?

  27. Kurt Smith

    She's got some serious egotistical issues, I'm assuming she lashes out at others "looks" because of her own insecurity. Seriously, who calls people ugly these days?

  28. Anonymous

    BeBe Renee They never said that. Wazir read what he wanted to read. b.edmonson said she needs to get help before she kills herself, not that she needs to kill herself.

  29. Anonymous

    Wazir Muhammad Reading is fundamental. b.edmonson said Amanda Bynes needs help before she kills herself, not that she needs to kill herself.

  30. Lillie Latorre Watkins

    Amanda needs professional help and someone in her circle should start "Prevention" NOW before she harms herself. Where are her Managers? She is one lost soul!

  31. Robyn Morin

    Thank you Meenu for not being a raging cunt. The internet and celebrities bring out the worst in some of us… especially the ones who swear they have no interest in them.

  32. Robyn Morin

    While I agree with the fact that Amanda was out of line, Rihanna's response was far from mature. Either ignoring her or asking what her problem was would have been mature. But instead, she chose to make a slur about intervention. Neither of them helped the situation, however, Amanda should not have said what she did.

  33. Kat Welty

    "she still faces an uphill legal battle that could help or her the actresses mental stability."

    What does that mean? Who edits this crap?

  34. Kimberly Russell

    who the hell cares. both are lowlife trash. rhianna is a pig and is a disgrace to women across the world for getting back together with that piece of shit woman beater. amanda bynes needs to keep her mouth shut too because it's clear she is bat shit crazy from all the drugs she's hopped up on. both of them have no room to talk about anyone. putting shit up on the internet about their "feud" is just glamourizing those two shitty influences.

  35. Hannah Kilfoyle

    Amanda Bynes used to be extremely sexy in looks and personality. She knows how to look good and act responsibly. Actors pull pranks but when the cops get involved, they reveal the secret. I hope Amanda Bynes is on drugs because if she just soberly decided that her new lifestyle will be involved with disgusting behavior, makeup and attitude, then shes just another ghetto loser.

  36. Rozita Samuels

    This bitch, better sit her ass down because if Rhianna sees her ass in NY, she is going to give this dumb bitch a serious beat-down!

  37. Josephine Parnham

    I don't hate Amanda and I know she is having some serious problems in her life and needs some help but unfortunately now the girl is just asking for it. Her insane out of control behavior is going to catch up with her and then lashing out at people like this is just ridiculous.

  38. Anonymous

    TaTonya, you are so very correct, we all have our own opinions and whether we agree with them or not, it is not our place to judge others

  39. Anonymous

    Trish Henley by any chance, do you have a degree in psychology or psychiatry? If so, have you treated Amanda and know specifically that she has bipolar disease? If no on at least the last question, maybe you better watch yourself…not only are you showing your ignorance in the disease itself, but you are very close to being able to be sued for libel.

  40. Juanita Sterba Lamberson

    What's sad is that Rhianna is insecure enough to respond to someone who has clearly gone round the bend. The smart and classy thing to do would have been for RiRi to keep quiet.

  41. Yolanda M Williams

    The whole thing is sad, really. Everyone has their opinion and that's fine. But attacking someone when they did'nt do anything to you is ridiculous. She definitely needs help.

  42. Catherine M. Fisher

    Robyn Morin – Rihanna's response was right on the money! Amanda Bynes has lost her mind & she's an idiot badly in need of an intervention. She needs to be hospitalized for a very long time & they need to take away her computer so she'll stop tweeting stupid & inane things.

  43. Megan Keeney

    You may like my comment or dislike it, but I think she is hurting. Not trying to pull off being a therapist or anything, but I think she feels rejected and hurt. I don't really know what she is going through. I am not excusing her behavior, I just see someone who may feel alone, fighting to find happiness, but hate is all that she is trying to fight against. Who am I to really judge….we are guilty of saying horrible things, making bad decisions, none of us are perfect……I know a lot of people are against her, but my heart sorrows for her. I believe she could change, be restored, but it starts with mercy and love. Just like we are loved at our worse or even at our best, she deserves the same…….I am not taking sides, I am just stating what I believe to be truth…..

  44. Lilly Paige

    Rihanna's gorgeous and you know it. I don't even care the chick and I can see that. People who say otherwise are usually just the one's who can't stand her music and her 'do what she wants' kind of attitude so they attack everything they can about her, including her looks. If she was more reserved and went around singing 'Jesus' music, all you morally righteous twats would think she was beautiful.

  45. Maureen Grande

    I agree with Amanda that Rhianna is ugly, she has always been that way; but, I do also think Rhianna is annoying as well. However, recently I have found Amanda's appearance has not been too pleasant to look at from before her unofficial mental health disease (bipolar) caught up with her. This girl needs to slow down and take a closer look at what has been going on with her life and finally let her parents help her. In order to do that, Amanda needs to want to be helped. Unfortunately by the time someone who is sick finally admits to wanting and needing help from the actual people that loves them, something traumatically terrible, even life threatening happens. Just hope Amanda wakes up before that happens.

  46. Nelline Barrow

    "…help or her the actresses mental stability"… Are they hiring editors right now or are they feeling the pinch of an ishy economy?

  47. Nelline Barrow

    Amanda… lol. It's a slow meltdown, but a meltdown nonetheless.

  48. Nelline Barrow

    She puts on a blond wig and becomes Manda Montana, the cruelest girl, and she goes after the honey- colored girls and hates on their poor decisions, because the Disney demon tells her so.

  49. Delbert Byrd

    your right shes very pretty.bynes use to be as well.not so much anymore though

  50. Johannys Bengochea

    Wow, you're just as bad as Amanda Bynes.

  51. David Millen

    I liked her when she was on the show That's what I like about you…. after that she really never did anything I appreciated.

  52. Felicia Baize

    Shes only saying an doing what she thinks will keep her on the news and its working. Her fear is just…going away, never to be noticed again. So stop giving this freak attention..then she will get really crazy.

  53. Alicia Campbell

    do you know anything about bipolar disorder? because it doesn't sound like it. bipolar disorder is a specific illness, not just a label you throw on anyone who you think is unbalanced. I'm bipolar and my life is far from "poor" or "pathetic".

  54. Nyla Santana

    ……still got my money…….Amanda B. tried to insult me……still got my money…….she's running-talking stupid crazy….still got my money…..whoaaaaaa….all I see is bills-hundred dollar bills.

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