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Wal-Mart Make Huge Spelling Goof On Cake

Wal-Mart icing

A Wal-Mart customer’s wife who bought a cake to celebrate her class passing their exams was surprised to see that one of their employee’s spelling deficiencies had ruined their dessert.

An image of this cake has now gone viral online. The caption to the above image reads, “Last year, my wife’s class passed all year end testing with high scores so she bought them a cake from Walmart. It was supposed to read, ‘Congratulations You did it!’ (OC).”

Unfortunately, it read instead, “Congration, you done it.” The image was uploaded by the Reddit user, crossedx, and has so far amassed over 1000 comments with people adding their thoughts on the cake.

Wolfharte remarked, “Aside from the grammar and spelling, the lines are crooked and its generally just ugly. Why are you shopping at Walmart?”

Diels_Alder also commented, “Your first mistake was not going to Costco. Your second mistake was making excuses for not going to Costco such as ‘there’s not a Costco within 50 miles of here’.”

However, some users tried to defend Walmart, with BrownsFanJCU noting, “My mom is literally a cake decorator at Walmart. Not a job she dreamed of, but a job nonetheless. She takes pride in her cakes and does an incredible job. So everyone generalizing about Walmart can suck it. Way to go for the easy joke.”

Whilst users then added their own cake misspelling tales, with niennaz adding, “For my Graduation we asked for my cake to say ‘con’grad’ulations. After saying replace the ‘t’ for a ‘d’ five times to the woman, we had to write it out because she still didn’t understand. This was at Dairy Queen.”

Many of the reddit followers then took this opportunity to enlighten those impressed by the mistake to visit where there are an abundance of culinary errors to gaze upon.

What do you think of the above mistake?

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5 Responses to “Wal-Mart Make Huge Spelling Goof On Cake”

  1. Julia HogersBentley

    The teacher that paid for it and didn't ask them to correct it is the dumb one in this instance. Accidents happen…way to go to make someone feel crappy over a lousy cake!

  2. Anonymous

    Although I understand the concept of 'buyer beware', when a service is advertised then one should have a reasonable expectation of receiving said service. How this person even got hired at Walmart is beyond me. How would they even fill out the application with such poor spelling skills? Then again – it's Walmart……not noted to be a bastion of class or any high-end anything.

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