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Google Buzz Data Moving To Google Drive On July 17

Google Buzz is nearing the end of its life cycle, and, in response to its closure, Google will transfer data from the platform to Google Drive.

Google will transfer data from Google Buzz on July 17, a time at which the product’s life cycle will end. The move allows Google Buzz users to still access their stored Buzz data while providing Google with a simple way to add potential new users to Google Drive.

Google will transfer two data types to the service. The first data type shows public and private posts created by the user. The second type contains a copy of the user’s public posts. The second post type is viewable by anyone with a link. Google will funnel Buzz links to Google Drive URLs.

According to Electronista:

“While the e-mail does explain why comments are stored on other users’ files and advises that the contents of said comments could be made public by other users, it also states that users can delete the Buzz posts and comments before the date, and so avoiding saving on other’s accounts.”

Google first announced plans to shut down Google Buzz in October 2011. Google immediately began pointing customers towards Google+.

The Google Buzz platform at one point was met with privacy issues, which led to an $8.5 class-action lawsuit settlement.

Google Buzz customers who don’t care to use Google Drive will have the option to delete their information at any time.

Do you think Google Buzz customers will gravitate to Google Drive with the automatic transfers?