Don Mattingly Not Worried About Job Status

Don Mattingly Job Status: Dodgers Coach Says He’s Not Worried About Being Fired

Don Mattingly doesn’t seem concerned about his job status, even though the Los Angeles Dodgers manager has failed to generate much with his high-payroll team this season.

The Dodgers, despite having a $217 million payroll, are just 17-25 this season and seven games out of first place in the NL West. There were rumors that Mattingly could be fired for the poor performance, especially after the team was just swept by the Atlanta Braves, but the coach didn’t seem concerned.

Don Mattingly said his job status wasn’t even discussed at a meeting this week with general manager Don Colletti.

“We just talk about the team,” Mattingly said. “Talk about what’s going on and what we are trying to do. The move we were making today. Where we are trying to go. To me it’s a daily process. Just the grind of the season. How do we get better? Is there things that you do differently? Do you persevere and stay the course? Are we confident in the people that we have? Those are the kind of things that you talk about pretty much every day.

“Nothing was different than any other day. As far as any kind of rumors or whatever they are, I talked to (Dodgers president) Stan (Kasten) the other day and he didn’t fire me that day. I’m still here. Ned didn’t tell me I wasn’t going to be here tomorrow or today. That’s the way I look at it.”

Now in his third season with the Dodgers, Don Mattingly said he believes the players are giving it their all. There’s no sign they quit on him, Mattingly added.

“You’ll be able to tell,” Mattingly said. “To me that’s the main thing. If you lose that, you should be fired. If the guys quit on you and they don’t play, you should be gone. You lose a clubhouse or they aren’t playing hard for you then it’s over.”

On Friday team president Stan Kasten noted that Mattingly was not in immediate danger of being fired.

“I do expect things to turn around,” Kasten said before the game. “I expect Donnie to be here for a long time.”

But not long after the remarks the Dodgers would go on to lose to the Cardinals 7-0. While team officials say Don Mattingly is safe in his job status, that can change quickly if the team doesn’t start winning.