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Ohio Doctor Accused Of Rape, Injecting Pregnant Woman With Heroin

Doctor facing charges in drug overdose death

New Albany, OH – Following an intensive six-month investigation, Dr. Ali Salim was arrested in February. He was indicted on charges of kidnapping, drugging, rape, and murder after allegedly injecting a full-term pregnant woman with heroin – killing both Deanna Ballman, 23, and her unborn baby girl Mabel Lilly.

Single Salim, 44, lured the woman to his home through a Craigslist ad. However, Ballman was not the only one to reply as it was revealed the doctor had placed numerous posts on the site. Several other respondents claim they were accosted at Salim’s home – one leaving after the man insisted she pose in her underwear for $400 while he painted the digestive system onto her abdomen.

The successful physician, who lived in a $300,000 home in New Albany and owned several expensive cars, including a Porsche, had a history of drama. In 2010, Salim reported that his home had been burglarized but refused to cooperate with investigators.

In 2011, a woman who answered one of his ads called 911 to report an assault at Salim’s residence. Later that same year in December, an aspiring model responded to an ad, thinking it was a legitimate modeling job, and was appalled to find it wasn’t.

Ballman was last heard from around 3:30 pm on July 31, 2012, after calling her mother, Lori, and telling her she wasn’t feeling well. According to Lori, her daughter sounded disoriented, and after going silent a male with a foreign accent then got onto the phone, asking if there was anything he could do to help. Thereafter the call dropped. Lori filed a missing persons report.

Ballman’s body was found the next day stuffed in the backseat of her car along a country road a few miles from Salim’s house. An autopsy showed that she died as a result of a heroin overdose, and evidence of a sexual assault was present.

The young woman told family she was responding to a housecleaning ad, gathering cleaning supplies before leaving the house that day. Investigators state many of Salim’s ads were written in a suggestively intimate nature, others more blatant. Therefore, it was likely she was aware of the actual context of the visit and was too embarrassed to admit it to loved ones.

Fox News reported that Salim’s lawyer, Sam Shamansky, bluntly called Ballman an “unfortunate victim” who died as a result of prostituting herself to feed a drug habit. “Regrettably, she caused her own demise and Dr. Salim had nothing to do with it.”

Thursday, Salim pled not guilty, and has since been under house arrest on a $1 million bond. His trial is scheduled to begin on September 3. Due to the criminal charges, the Ohio medical board revoked Salim’s license.

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11 Responses to “Ohio Doctor Accused Of Rape, Injecting Pregnant Woman With Heroin”

  1. Michelle Danis

    qu'il soit condamné à mort, et sans délai.

  2. Toni Ann Hanskett-Mills

    Why is this DANGEROUS MAN not being HELD in JAIL for these VIOLENT CRIMES when we incarcerate people for YEARS for smoking Marijuana~ Our judicial system is a COMPLETE FAILURE!

  3. Robyn Lefever

    I live very close to this area. he is out because he has money. from what we have been reading here he has been saying that the girl was on dope. hsi adds that he had been placing all hinted to sex and the story is that she was aware of what he wanted and went willing to have sex for drugs. I have no idea if this girl was doing drugs or not. they didn't even pull his md liceanse till recently. it is very sad, even sadder if he is trashing this poor girl after killing her. from what is being printed here there has been quite a few girls that has answered ads and had sex with him, but I think this was the first that involved drugs.

  4. Deborah Hoff

    Let's hope he gets jail time as many doctors who lose their licenses in one state will just move to another.

  5. Jamie Wilson

    Hang him by his balls. He does not deserve to be alive.

  6. Becky Roe-Greene

    He is doing this shit from the safety of his home so you let him out of jail where he is extemely "safe" & send him back home where he can do this again & again & again… house arrest isn't going to do shit when the people are coming to his home for said jobs…. people think! lock that nasty fool up & throw away the key.

  7. Deanna Riker

    regardless if she was having sex with him for drugs, one it is against the law for soliciting. two he is a damn doctor if she was oding he should have done something to help her. what a fucking loser.

  8. Rhonda Afinowicz Messman Downes

    This man is scum of the earth! I find it interesting that his lawyer, in his defense, is saying she caused her own death by trying to feed a drug addiction….isn't that what Michael Jackson did?

  9. Merian Gregorio Oakes

    Shame on you, Shamamsky, for judging the vicrim as "prostituting herself to feed a drug habit." You do not even know her, you SOB!! Hiw can you pass judgment on someone you do not know at all and just basing your conclusions on statements made by your good for nothing client. I pray to God that your client gets life without parole and have the word "RAPIST" tattoed on his foroehead.

  10. Jessica Delarosa

    Of course, blame the woman. It is a tragedy that this occurred, regardless of whether or not she may have had an addiction. She needed help! God bless her soul.

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