Mom Moons School Bus, gets arrested

Mom Moons School Bus, Courts Don’t Find It Humorous [Video]

Suffolk, VA – Here in America, pulling down your pants and showing your butt to a school bus full of young children is generally frowned upon. But that, nor common sense, didn’t stop 34-year-old Lisa Grant from doing it.

Grant will be catching up on some sleep behind bars for the next few months after the Virginia mom mooned a school bus full of 45 children, Fox News reports.

She was actually aiming for the bus driver.

Grant admits that she had a very nasty tiff with the bus driver who had sent a note home explaining that Grant’s son was a bit unruly on the bus lately. A school spokesperson called the note a “warning.”

But Grant wasn’t going to take the warning lying down — or standing up, as it turns out. She is accused of showing her derriere in the school bus’ general direction last November, though she denies that she mooned the driver.

Presumably, there are 45 witnesses who said otherwise.

“I did not moon the bus. I did not flash,” she said. “I take full responsibility for my actions, for my disorderly conduct, for my arguing with her. I take full responsibility for that, but she also deserves the same thing I got.”

According to the Associated Press, Grant was convicted this week of disorderly conduct and sentenced to six months in jail, with five months of her sentence suspended. She worked out a deal to serve her time on the weekends.

She did not elaborate on why the bus driver deserved the same thing she got.

Check out video of the “mom moons school bus” story below (includes footage of the original incident):