Noel Hagman accused of stealing family jewelry

Larry Hagman’s Granddaughter Accused Of Stealing Family Jewelry

Larry Hagman’s estate is accusing the actor’s granddaughter of stealing family jewelry.

A lawyer for the estate claims that Noel Hagman is in illegal possession of a Raj necklace and matching earring set that belonged to the late Dallas star’s mother, actress Mary Martin, which she later gave to her son.

Noel Hagman is claiming that a family member gave her the jewelry, although she hasn’t identified the individual. So far, no family members have come forward as having given her the heirlooms.

The estate wants Hagman to return the jewelry, or pay double their value if she doesn’t give them back. The documents filed by the estate do not give a specific history or estimated value of the jewelry.

Noel Hagman is a shoe designer who is “artistically driven by the concept of wearable and functional art.’” She created her first mixed-media Shoe Art in 2008, and has since gone on to have her shoes featured in fashion shoots and editorials, as well as contemporary art galleries.

Larry Hagman died on November 23, 2012 after a battle with cancer. He was 81 years old. At the time of his death, Hagman has already filmed six of fifteen episodes in the second season of TNT’s Dallas revival. His character, corrupt oil baron J.R. Ewing, was shot (again) and killed in the episode “The Furious and the Fast.” In a throwback to the original series, the show adopted the catchphrase “Who killed J.R.?” as a promotional teaser for revealing his murderer.

The real-life Southfork Ranch, which was used for exterior shots during the show’s original run, was swarmed with visitors coming to pay their respects shortly after Hagman died. Each room in the ranch has a theme for each character of the original series, and J.R.’s rom had flowers and a card for visitors to sign.

[Photo credit: Noel Hagman/Facebook]