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Michael Bolton Opens Up About Virginity, Kanye West

Michael Bolton opened up about Kanye West and losing his virginity in a recent interview with the Huffington Post. And no, Kanye had nothing to do with Bolton losing his virginity.

The 60-year-0ld musician appeared on HuffPo Live this week and talked to host Abby Huntsman about some of the most significant moments in his life. Bolton, who has dated stars like Nicollette Sheridan and Teri Hatcher, said that he lost his virginity at the age of 14.

Bolton said: “Unlike Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny, sex was real. Soon other girls were more than willing to get naked with me. I was stunned at my luck. I’ll be forever grateful for that. My First was a patient, kind, gifted and enthusiastic instructor. Once she’d introduced me to the glories of sex, I realized what I’d been missing for the first precious thirteen years of my life. I had to make up for lost time. So I immediately asked when we could do it again.”

Bolton, who is currently promoting his new autobiography, “The Soul of It All,” also opened up about his long career in music and some of music’s biggest names. Bolton said that he was a big fan of Jay-Z but thought that Kanye had to “chill” a little bit. The musician also said that rap music generally rubs him the wrong way because it frequently denigrates women.

Bolton said: “In general rap can push the wrong buttons with me. Primarily because of the association and the suggestion of a certain value with women. There’s a kind of diminishing in self esteem.”

Here’s a video of Michael Bolton’s interview with HuffPo Live.

“The Soul of it All,” which tells the “backstage story” of Bolton’s life, is available now on Amazon.

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