Dockworker Wins Lottery

Dockworker Hits $26.5 Million Jackpot, Decides To Quit Job

A Long Island dockworker recently won $26.5 million courtesy of the New York state lottery. Not surprisingly, he immediately decided to quit his job.

Brentwood resident Fidencio Argueta bid farewell to the docks after discovering that his Quick-Pick numbers had netted him several million dollars. The 60-year-old told the New York Post that he felt the inexplicable urge to play the numbers last April.

Now that the dockworker has a lot of cash to play with, he wants to make sure his debts are paid off. The 60-year-old added that he intends to buy a new car now that he has quite a bit of money in his bank account.

Instead of receiving the entire $26.5 million over a period of time, UPI reports that Argueta decided to take a lump sum payment. The dockworker received a check for a whopping $12.3 million as a result. Although it may be half of what he originally won, Arugeta said the winnings would help change his life.

In addition to using some of his winnings to clear his debts and get a new car, the dockworker said he plans to share some of the money with his children. However, he didn’t immediately reveal just how many kids he has.

Hopefully the dockworker who recently won $26.5 million won’t end up like a lot of previous lottery winners. With that much money at a person’s disposal, sometimes it has a tendency to disappear as quickly as it arrived.

According to previous report by The Inquisitr, quite a few people have burned through their winnings in a recent amount of time. For example, Sharon Tirabassi won around $10 million from the Ontario lottery back in 2004. After spending nearly all of the money on expensive items, she was back to working full-time and living in a rented house.

What do you think about the dockworker who won $26.5 million and immediately quit his job? Would you continue to work if you won the lottery?

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