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Suspect Son Of Bush Aide: Father A Shoplifter, Son Accused Hatchet Killer

suspect son of bush aide

The son of a former President George W. Bush aide is the suspect in a grim Gaithersburg, Maryland hatchet slaying. Claude Alexander Allen III, 20, was arrested early Friday morning and charged with homicide in the gruesome slaying of 25-year-old Michael Phillip Harvey.

The Montgomery County Police Department released a brief statement that said that an unnamed adult male called in a report that he had killed a man who had tried to break into his house. Harvey’s body was found outside the home, slain by a hatchet.

Their preliminary investigation revealed that there probably wasn’t a break-in and that Allen and Harvey knew each other. At that point, they arrested Allen for the crime, although the investigation is still ongoing to figure out exactly what happened.

According to a local ABC7 report, the residence where the crime occurred is actually owned by the former Bush aide, Claude Allen, and his wife.

The former domestic policy adviser’s political career came to an end in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when he was caught and pled guilty to shoplifting from a Gaithersburg, MD Target. According to a Washington Post report, both Allen and his wife Jannese testified that long hours and lack of sleep after the killer hurricane had impaired his judgment.

“Stealing is not something that I ever thought that I would ever do, and I did,” Allen said in his 2006 trial, where he wept on the stand.

The judge ultimately sentenced him to fines and probation, angering Assistant State’s Attorney John D. Lalos, who claimed that Allen was believed to have shoplifted not once but many times.

But, even without jail time, Allen’s work in politics was over.

At this time, there are no details about the motive for the gruesome hatchet killing. It also isn’t clear when Claude Allen III, suspect and son of the tragic Bush aide, will appear next in court.

suspect Claude Allen mug shot

[Claude Allen III photo courtesy Montgomery County Police-Major Crimes Division]

[photo by mip studio via Shutterstock]

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24 Responses to “Suspect Son Of Bush Aide: Father A Shoplifter, Son Accused Hatchet Killer”

  1. Chris Nelson

    I missed it in the story even after a careful second reading, but what role did George Bush play in this event?

  2. Douglas Saunders

    It is part of that mentality that many "Liberals" entertain. On one hand they admit to having "Low Life Scum" in the "Party" but on the other hand they point out and say…"Have you heard about this…It is far worse"

  3. M Allen Prepper

    just how much can you blame on Bush? Good thing journalism is unbiased…….. NOT!

  4. Ken Huffman

    Sounds like another gay perversion thing to me.

  5. Pamela DeBusk Holmes

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what is the point to mention Bush's name? Since Bush hasn't been president in a long time, bringing up his name in this article is STUPID. Thanks for sharing that picture. Just what I wanted to see this morning.

  6. Margaret Dimick Godt


  7. Allen Hudson Veasman

    OH WOW A guy gets chopped up in a house where a former aide to former President Bush once lived. Now just how does that relate to the story? Does that somehow mean Bush 2 was tied into that killing?

    *LOL* If it does somehow tie into Bush 2 does that mean Obama getting elected as President is due to the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor in 1941? After all Obama spent time in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and Oahu is where Pearl Harbor is.

    *G* There's more connection between Obama and Benghazi/IRS scandal/ DOJ Scandal, and Fast and Furious than there is to Bush and the guy getting chopped up!

    But then there is more similarity between the guy getting chopped up in London and Bush.

  8. Buzz Shepherd

    If it Was Obamas aid. That's all Fox Noise and the Republicans would be talking about. They would probably accuse Obama of planning the attack.

  9. George LaBree

    Actually Bush started Fast and Furious and Bush was the person who appointed the head of the IRS in charge at the time of the problems…so even though he is out of office he is still screwing up…By the way Benghazi has been proven to not be a scandal at all, it is just in the mind of the righties and that means it's BS…so other than the fact that Obama has had the biggest stock market and has reduced the deficit by 600 billion…oh wait he is still black so impeach the bastard, face it your a red neck hillbilly racist.

  10. George LaBree

    It was true …why stop it…is it true that Obama was not a citizen, was it true he was Hitler, does he have a bone in his nose….you righties are full of it.

  11. Harvey Lain

    They brought it up to give the libfags something else to blame on Bush. I know it's a stretch but watch what happens. George LaBree being a good example. I wonder how George would like to discuss the people on the liberal's side. Roseanne Barr ("I hope everyone that eats at Chik-Fil-A gets the cancer!") comes to mind. Then there's Bill Ayers, Al Sharpton, Charlie Wrangel, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sr., every pervert in the country. The list goes on and on.

  12. Harvey Lain

    Better a redneck hillbilly racist then a faggot. How has Benghazi been proven not to be a scandal? Don't just run your dicklicker, show proof. Anyone with any sense knows that this story has absolutely nothing to do with Bush and the connection should have not even been mentioned. Most of the murders, and most of all crimes, in this country are committed by blacks. So, using your distorted concept of logic, that means that Obama is responsible for all of those crimes because he too is black. By the way, how is Obama responsible for the stock market's performance?

  13. Harvey Lain

    You mean kind of like the Democrats are all over it now?

  14. Audrey Lehman

    Bush's mother's, gardener's, manager's, cousin's, sister-in-law's, dog's, veterinarian's, assistant accused of animal cruelty.

  15. Audrey Lehman

    George LaBree: I think they have to do what they're told and not every Gov't Employee is a conservative. And Bush did his best to create Non-Partisan politics, Unlike your man in office. Oh don't look now but he's after you too!! Better bunker up and shave that beard and dye your hair.

  16. Anonymous

    This is such a stupid article. So, what if it was an Bush aid, this has nothing to do with Bush. Shame on anyone that had anything to do with this story. Bush hasn't been president for how loooooong?

  17. Ken Schultz

    George LaBree bush started F&F–left office–obama continued F&F, kept it hidden, got people killed= obama's fault/screw up. bush appointed head of IRS+obama kept him in position+ violation of laws and Rights happened in the OBAMA administration= Obama's fault. And benghazi has NOT been proven to not be a scandal—to many e-mails of talking points to cover up the failure of the state dept to take proper action and trying to blame it on a video. Yeah, that IS a scandal.

  18. Ray Ciccone

    Wow! Republicans are rushing to protect Bush. Wow! The guy worked in the Bush admn. so Bush is responsible for his actions. Sound familiar you conservatives? OK to blame Obama for something that happened in his admn but not Bush. Wow, circle logic at its best. lame one don't blame the beer drinker. By the way, it has b een reported that Mic hellew Obama has white blood in her. So she's half white The President is half white, and two halves make a whole!

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