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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Guilty Of Racial Profiling, Judge Rules

Joe Arpaio Guilty Racial Profiling

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) violated the constitutional rights of Latino drivers during a crackdown on illegal immigration, according to a federal judge’s ruling on Friday.

Arpaio, known as a very hardline sheriff, was ordered to stop using race as a factor in future law enforcement decisions. The ruling fame in response to a class-action lawsuit filed by Hispanic drivers.

US District Court Judge Murray Snow ruled on Friday that Arpaio’s policies violated the constitutional rights of the drivers. The office must cease using race or ancestry as a grounds to stop, detain, or hold drivers and other occupants.

Five drivers brought the lawsuit against Arpaio and his office, claiming that they were stopped by deputies because of their ethnicity. Arpaio denied the claims, but the judge sided with the drivers.

Arpaio testified last year during the non-jury trial, saying that he was against racial profiling. He also denied his office arrested people because of the color of their skin. But in a written ruling, Snow stated:

“The great weight of the evidence is that all types of saturation patrols at issue in this case incorporated race as a consideration into their operations.”

The suit alleged that “America’s toughest sheriff” and his officers violated the rights of US citizens and legal immigrants in their quest to crack down on those they believed were in the country illegally. The plaintiffs included the Somos America immigrants’ rights coalition, along with all Latino drivers stopped by Arpaio’s office since 2007.

Tim Casey, a lawyer for Joe Arpaio’s office, stated of the ruling, “The MCSO is disappointed by the outcome in this decision. The MCSO’s position is that it has never used race and will never use race in making its law-enforcement decisions.”

While Joe Arpaio can appeal the decision, Casey stated that the department will instead work internally to remedy any issues raised in the ruling. Casey added, “The sheriff respects the court and its authority and it will comply.” Rather than seeking monetary damages, the lawsuit sought corrective action.

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5 Responses to “Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Guilty Of Racial Profiling, Judge Rules”

  1. Dave Francis

    In the 19th century they used to Tar & Feather, Royalists, Tax Collectors, Judges and politicians. I think it’s time to bring back this practice? When a border states are flooded with foreigners from South of the border, how can you not run in to huge enclaves of illegal aliens? Same with California and Texas and New Mexico that never utters a word about the invasion. But we know it’s overwhelmed with illegal nationals. It’s just another "Witch Hunt" as with the IRS scandal, that is pointing towards the White House. Joe, the sheriff of Maricopa County is just doing his job. It’s come to the point now that the People don’t trust anybody in the rampant corruption in Congress, especially the Liberals who are slowly sending the American taxpayer down the tubes. The only American citizens and illegal aliens who trust the U.S. government is the “Freeloaders and Deadbeats” who collect everything for free. The 1986 immigration amnesty was a failure, because it was intentionally meant to be another failure? The Democrats got their illegal voters and the Republicans received their cheap labor and the taxpayer incurs "What’s in the toilet"? Learn more at NumbersUSA and American Patrol.

    Any demented fool would realize if politicians had the guts, they would start moving all of them home to Mexico, China, Africa, Europe or anywhere else. Other than a few changes there is no strengthened enforcement in S.477, in fact it’s been weakened and will remain so. When this nation is run by a bunch of white haired, ex lawyers you know the country is rotting from the inside out. I wouldn't trust the majority of them, with my kid’s money box, except for astute Senators as Jeff Session (R-Ala), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and Marco Rubio (R-TX. Giving full discretion to a person as Janet Home Secretary Janet Neapolitan U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder are just asking for trouble when it comes to building the real 2006 double layer fencing complete with razor wire for 700 miles was rejected. If there was serious intentions to enforce immigration laws, illegal entry would be a–FELONY, children of illegal parents would not claim citizenship with all the benefits, every citizen would be issued a biometric nation ID card, to stop illegal aliens being hired, to vote and stop uncontrollable credit theft? All the amendment TRIGGERS have been dismissed, so the taxpayer will never stop paying for the millions of foreigners until there’s another 1776 revolution.

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